The #1 Way to Infuse Authenticity into Your Online Presence

September 30, 2015


Regardless of what social platform you prefer, you have to be approachable and trustworthy in order to keep followers around. Authentic, transparent brands inspire the kind of audience loyalty that every small business owner dreams of, but the secret to wooing followers and capturing their hearts isn’t as mysterious as you would think. Authentic social media presences are born out of intentional, purposeful messaging.

The #1 Way to Infuse Authenticity into Your Online Presence via b is for bonnie design

Speak from the Heart

Maybe you’re someone who posts just for the sake of posting. Maybe you only share what you think people want to see because that’s what everyone else is doing. Maybe you post only the perfectly polished, pretty things because you think anything else you have to say isn’t worth sharing.

Spoiler alert: I’ve been guilty of all three at one point or another! But here’s some truth for you, friend. The only way to create an authentic social media presence is to share authentically. I’m sorry if you were expecting something more groundbreaking, but the truth is that an authentic result demands authentic efforts.

With that in mind, you have to ditch your preconceived notions of what the internet wants to see or hear right out the window. You have to turn inward as you look at what lies within your heart, and what lies at the heart of your brand. That’s where the gold lies. That’s the content your followers want to hear. They would much rather hear how you are passionate about helping your personal styling clients find more confidence, and one practical way you do that, than read another caption about how much you love blanket scarves for autumn.

They want to hear that you’re human, too. They want to know that you struggle with the same things they do, and how you’re conquering those struggles. They want to be taught and poured into as you share those pro tips and heartfelt lessons you hold dear. They want to resonate with the words you share.

In order to build an authentic social media presence, you have to be generous with your knowledge and yourself. That’s scary for many, I know. Trust in the fact that what you have to share is worth being heard. As my Instagram following continues to grow, I’ve learned that the biggest thing I can continue to do to cultivate an online sense of community is to share straight from the heart.

It isn’t always beautifully styled flat lays or samples of my work. There’s a lot of real talk that goes on. I share a lot of branding and business tips because I think my followers could benefit from each one. There’s some personal posts that invite them into my life. And the most powerful thing that happens is when someone comments on a post to let me know what I’ve shared has reached them right where they were in that moment. Those moments when someone can say, “Yes! You are speaking to my heart right now!” are the moments that make the vulnerability that goes into sharing authentically worth it all.

From a professional standpoint, sharing authentically not only humanizes my brand, but it also helps forge a relationship between my clients and my brand. They’re more apt to hire me as their brand designer or business coach because they already know who I am, what I stand for, and how I can help them. And it all starts with sharing from the heart, and the tenacity to keep at it month after month. I know you can do the same, and can experience absolutely amazing results from it.

What is one way you can focus on infusing more authenticity and transparency into your social media presence, lovely? Share in the comments below so we can start a conversation!

For those who are interested in learning more about sharing authentically and straight from the heart, join us for our October session of Instagram with Authenticity, my four-week e-course on heartfelt social media strategy. Registration is now open, and we’re already half-way full. Reserve your seat here.

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