5 Ways to Strengthen Your Social Media Presence Today

February 2, 2016


Happy Tuesday, y’all! Today, let’s take a few minutes to talk about one of the easiest marketing tools any boss lady has at her disposal – social media. Whether you’re a Twitter pro or an Instagram genius, there are dozens of social sites out there that enable us to not only put our brand’s content out there for the world to see, but also give us a chance to cultivate an online community of brand cheerleaders and supporters. It’s no secret that I absolutely love using social media, specifically Instagram, to grow my brand’s presence and build my online tribe of boss ladies and big dreamers! Whether you’re using Facebook, Pinterest or Periscope, I’m dishing on my favorite five ways to take your online presence from blah to bustling in no time! Let’s dive in!

5 ways to strengthen + grow your social media presence today! via b is for bonnie design

1. Define Your Voice

There’s nothing worse than browsing through a series of disjointed posts. One minute, they’re super polished and posh, and the next, they’re ultra laid back and casual. From third person to first person, these inconsistent posts are confusing as can be! Save your followers from a brand voice crisis by sitting down and determining how your brand will sound. Think of it this way, if your brand were a person, how would she sound? What type of language would she use? How would she make your ideal client feel? Create a detailed description for your brand voice, including keywords, point of view, overall tone, etc.

2. Show that you’re a person!

My top piece of advice for solopreneurs or small creative teams is this – don’t be afraid to show your audience that you’re a real person! Especially if your work depends heavily on the type of relationship you have with your clients, as it often does in the service industry, the best thing you can do to start to cultivate that relationship from the start is to show a little bit of who you are online. Now, I’m not saying you need to share photos of what you’re eating for lunch everyday or post a million selfies of yourself on date night. I am saying that it’s a smart idea, and it’s just plain social, to invite your audience in to get a better look at the creative behind the brand. Share your heart for your work, strategically showcase bits of your personality or history that give you a unique perspective for the work that you do, or make your audience laugh with your offbeat sense of humor. Yes, it may turn off the kinds of potential clients who don’t love offbeat humor or your quirky personality. But that’s getting you one step closer to your ideal audience, the kind of folks who totally dig your goofy jokes and big heart.

3. Understand your audience

Let’s face it – it’s tough trying to create content to a sea of strangers and unknown faces! So whenever you’re mapping out the content you’ll share online, be sure that you’re writing it specifically for your ideal audience. Put together a detailed profile of your ideal client, including their current pain points and how your work can help alleviate those struggles! Using this profile as your roadmap to your audience, write posts that speak directly to your ideal client – their hopes, big dreams, pain points and how you hope to walk alongside them through it all. Not only will you be creating relevant content, but your audience will know for certain that you just get them!

4. Offer valuable content

Let’s nix the habit of posting simply for the sake of posting, shall we? Before sharing content with your audience, ask yourself if it truly offers value, encouragement or actionable content they can implement today! In order to capture our audience’s minds and hearts, we have to give freely of our time and talent. A lot of times, this looks like sharing content that is useful and of value intrinsically. If we’re eventually going to ask our followers to invest in our services, our courses or our products, it’s important that they already feel a sense of trust. Nothing establishes trust more easily than consistently and freely offering valuable content with absolutely no strings attached!

5. Use social media strategically

Although many social media experts will tell you to use all the social sites, I personally like to take a different approach. Instead of spreading myself thin and using five different online platforms, I choose to use two or three platforms and invest more of my time and energy there. For my business, I prefer to use Instagram, Pinterest and Periscope. Those three platforms help me reach my ideal clients and build brand equity, without making me want to tear my hair out. For a while, I tried to use Twitter and Facebook as well, but found that keeping up with just two more platforms added too much to my already overflowing plate. My advice – choose the social platforms that you enjoy, understand, and are an organic fit with your brand. Embrace them, love them and use the heck out of them!

What are your tried and true methods for growing your online presence, friend? If you’re interested in learning how to build brand equity and cultivate a sense of fellowship through your Instagram usage, I’d love to invite you to join our February 9th Instagram with Authenticity class! This is my top selling four-week, self-paced e-course I’ve designed to walk you through the process I used to grow my audience from mostly friends and family, to a thriving online tribe of more than 15.7K! Seats are filling quickly, though so don’t delay. Reserve your seat here!

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