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March 17, 2016


Oh goodness, where do I even begin, y’all? I met Ashley, the talent behind the Ashley Powell Photography brand, last year at the Creative at Heart Conference. Is it coincidence that some of my favorite projects to date have sprung from relationships founded at this sweet conference? I think not!

Ashley is a natural light milestone photographer based on beautiful Virginia. She works primarily with high school seniors and mothers-to-be, so we wanted to create a refreshed brand presence that showcased a feminine, warm and inviting aesthetic. Through her approach and client experience, it’s easy to see that Ashley has such a huge heart for her clients. We focused on creating a joyful, feminine and warm visual brand that is approachable, inviting and represents her heart well. Through the use of color, we compiled a palette that is feminine, warm and neutral. It’s strong enough to stand on its own without being too bold. Ashley shoots in all seasons, so we wanted a palette that was a mix of cool and warm tones in order to mesh seamlessly with her images, whether they were shot in the snowy winter or the vibrant springtime.

joyful + southern brand refresh for Ashley Powell Photography | b is for bonnie design

Ashley had previously worked with Taylor Schumann of Letters of Grace to commission the hand lettering for her logo. We both loved the organic and soft aesthetic, and used Taylor’s work as the inspiration for the rest of her visual branding. Throughout every touchpoint of her visuals, Ashley wanted to convey a sense of Southern hospitality, not only as a nod to her roots, but also as a way to foster a strong sense of hospitality, care and welcome. During our branding journey, Ashley discovered the quote, “Hospitality begins at the heart,” and we ran with it, incorporating a playful pineapple into her main logo and alternate designs. The result is a refined yet playful, warm and inviting visual presence that represents Ashley and her big Southern heart so well!

joyful + southern brand refresh for Ashley Powell Photography | b is for bonnie design

Ashley, it was a true honor getting to put our heads together to create a heartfelt set of visuals, and a brand strategy, that not only represents your heart well, but enables you to love on your clients even more! Her site launched this week, so be sure to head over to her blog for her story behind this thoughtful brand refresh.

What’s your favorite part of this feminine, inviting brand refresh? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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