How to Create a Readily Recognizable Brand Voice

May 19, 2016


Let’s consider this scenario, friend — if one of your blog posts or Instagram captions were to pop up online without your logo, username or identifying info anywhere nearby, would people still be able to recognize that original content as yours? Unless you’re intentionally striving to create a distinct, easily recognizable voice, there’s a chance that your branded content may fall flat. Today, let’s chat about the importance of creating a recognizable, unique brand voice, and how to do just that!

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As we dive into this topic, let’s clarify what I mean when I talk about your “brand voice.” I’m not actually referencing the vocal voice you use when you hop on a business call, but I am talking about the verbal voice and tone you use throughout your brand messaging. From social media posts to emails to website content, every verbal touchpoint is an opportunity to incorporate your brand voice throughout! And not only does a well-defined and succinct brand voice make your content readily recognizable, but it also incorporates a sense of consistency across all platforms. So, let’s dive into just how we should go about creating our own brand voice, shall we?

Consider your brand

Take a look at your logo, at your branded materials (on and off-line), and most importantly, the heart behind your business. With the visuals, heart and strategy of your brand in mind, think of a tone and voice that would be a natural way to represent your brand to your audience. Hone the top three adjectives you would use to describe your brand, and consider what type of voice would not only represent those qualities well, but would be an organic fit. On some level, the perception of your brand and its personality will be interpreted by your audience through the words you use to share your brand message. So be sure that the voice you’re crafting in authentic, sustainable and feels comfortable to use day in and day out!

Consider your audience

Before we get too engrossed in the voice we’re creating specifically for our brand, let’s be sure to consider how that voice resonates with our audience. If you have a clear profile of your ideal client, then brainstorm the types of voices, keywords and overarching messages that your ideal client would truly identify with. What type of emotion should your brand voice strive to inspire? What is it about those specific emotion that are worth inspiring? What type of intentional keywords would inspire trust, spark a conversation or lay the foundation for a relationship? Use these prompts as a springboard to continue the introspection!

Consider your message

Lastly, let’s consider your message. If you’re working hard to establish your brand as an eco-friendly, organic skincare line, then choosing a voice that evokes a sense of calm, balance and harmony will keep you on message. Likewise, if you’re striving to create a heartfelt, relatable brand, ditch the ultra-formal language and opt instead for something more conversational that flows off the tongue. Your brand voice should serve as a powerful tool to equip you to spread your brand story, connect with your ideal audience, and build consistency and a sense of trustworthiness wherever you go.

How do you approach creating your brand voice, friend? Have you given this facet of your brand strategy much thought before? Share in the comments below! 

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