Mastering Facebook + Instagram Ads for Boss Ladies with Sarah Evans

February 20, 2017


Raise your hand if you’ve ever struggled to understand how to use tools like Instagram and Facebook ads for your business. Don’t worry, friend, I’m right there beside you with my hand raised high! Although I teach on how to use Instagram to tell your brand story well, I’ve grown my audience online through organic strategies. I’ve never dipped my toe into the magical world that is paid advertising, simply because I didn’t know enough about it. I wasn’t sure how to make my efforts effective, and I hated the idea of just throwing money at a campaign that wasn’t backed by strong strategy! Enter Sarah Evans. This Colorado-based wedding planner has years of experience in the social media marketing world, managing high paying accounts for top brands, and navigating their social media ads like a pro. When she shared that she was developing an online course specifically to teach creatives how to use Facebook and Instagram ads to grow their reach online, I was all in!

Mastering Instagram & Facebook ads for creative entrepreneurs with Sarah Evans Weddings Education | a self-paced, online course designed to teach you how to use social media advertising to grow your business | via b is for bonnie design

I was fortunate enough to participate in the beta testing group of Sarah’s Social Leads Course, walking through the content in its entirety and learning directly from Sarah herself. Although this course is designed for wedding professionals, I gleaned pages and pages of useful notes, and I never once felt like this course wasn’t applicable to my own non-wedding-related business! From the how-to of setting up Facebook ads and navigating your Power Editor to the strategy behind creating profitable ads, Sarah has created a course that takes the mystery out of what I felt was once an overwhelming field. Breaking each lesson down into manageable blocks of content, I walked away from each one with a head full of ideas and a notebook filled with to-dos as I focused on crafting a plan for my own Facebook ads backed by thoughtful strategy and a clear focus.

From running campaigns to encourage signups for my newsletter to highlighting future sessions of Instagram with Authenticity or the Brand Story Course, I am wholly confident that I’ll be able to create my own ads in the future to help reach my ideal clients. Even if you don’t have a large advertising budget, Sarah outlines how you can create ads that deliver results without breaking the bank, something I found incredibly valuable for newer business owners and seasoned pros alike! I no longer feel ill-equipped to create or manage my own Facebook ads, and I am so looking forward to incorporating this new set of tools into my marketing strategy in the future.

If you were once like me and felt like the world of Instagram and Facebook ads was filled with potential, but you simply didn’t know how to tap into that set of resources, I strongly encourage you to check out Sarah’s Social Leads course! Registration for this totally self-paced course opens today and Sarah is so confident in the ability of this content to change your paid advertising strategy that she’s offering a money-back guarantee. When you sign up, either opting for the flexible payment plan or the one-time payment, you’ll receive lifetime access to the course and any future updates Sarah makes, which means you can revisit this content time and time again whenever you need a refresher on how to create your most effective ads ever!

I personally have walked through this course, and feel wholly confident in recommending it to any creative professional who is ready to learn how to use Instagram and Facebook ads to your advantage authentically.

Sarah is generously offering anyone who signs up $50 off with code BONNIE at checkout, which makes this powerful course a steal of a deal! This discount is available for just 12 days, so if you are ready to take your Instagram and Facebook ads to new heights with Sarah, I encourage you to get in on these savings before doors close for good. Do you have questions about the course or my experience? Feel free to ask away in the comments below! I’m happy to share my experience. 


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