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November 1, 2018


As the holidays are vastly approaching, we as business owners are in a constant season of ramping up projects before the end of the year. But also, we’re trying to carve out some intentional time to think of how we can take on the year ahead. And today, I’m sharing my favorite vision casting process to step into a new season with confidence and clarity.

If vision casting is new to you, I would encourage you to think through the lense of possibility for you and your business. There is no right or wrong way to do this, friend. It’s simply an approach that you will take when you are trying to figure out the best way to hone the direction for your life or your business moving forward.

So what exactly is vision casting and how do I use it within my business and life?

So what exactly is vision casting and how do I use it within my business and life? It is a combination of creating the time in my calendar to walk through my dreams through sets of different questions. | b is for bonnie design #branddesigner #brandstrategy #visioncasting


This process does not have to happen at the end of every year. It’s actually a series of questions that I revisit on a quarterly basis, especially if I find that my goals changed. Or, if I’m knocking goals off my list faster than I planned for!

With my vision casting process, it is a combination of creating the time in my calendar to make this happen, and then walking through the same sets of questions on a regular basis. This way I’m able to dive into the kinds of ideas and responses by myself that can influence the direction that I take in the season ahead.  

The first part is creating the right atmosphere for vision casting.

This is not necessarily a process that is going to happen in 20 minutes. Instead, it’s an introspective process that takes some time. I personally love to carve out a morning or afternoon where I don’t check my inbox, but instead I sit down and reflect.

Often times, I will be sitting with a delicious beverage in hand, depending on the day (and time) it could be an almond latte or a glass of wine. Regardless, I want this time to be a good writing session.  

Whether this is on a quarterly basis or at the end of the year, I like to take a look at what worked and what didn’t work in this past season.


I create two columns in my journal: one of things that worked really well, and one of things that didn’t work well. I write down examples of business triumphs, marketing techniques that converted, or networking connections that led to new opportunities. I also look at what didn’t work, whether that be marketing techniques that didn’t convert, or emotional and mental roadblocks I faced.

These sessions aren’t meant to simply be spaces where you quickly jot down practical examples of what you found successful in the seasons past. Instead, you should be thinking about things like:

What was holding you back?

What was proper use of your time?

What were successful connections or partnerships?

Once I’ve finished my two lists, I bust out my highlighters and go back and highlight any patterns that I see. I pay attention to the connections between big success or failures from the year. And I analyze what worked and what didn’t work.

Vision casting can identify areas for growth and things that maybe didn’t pan out the way that you thought it would. Once I identify those themes, I like to then turn my attention to the season to come.


Whether I am planning for the next quarter or year ahead, I will write down where I want to go. I give myself the space to dream big, and I ask myself, if I could wave a magic wand and dream of the most amazing season ahead, what would that look like and what would that season feel like?

I focus on dreams for the future in an emotional way versus only focusing on tangible or practical goals because if I am focused on the kind of life or business that I really want in the season ahead I can then reverse-engineer the kinds of goals that will help me get to that space.

I again ask myself the question, if I could wave my magic wand and create the life and business that I love, what would that look like and what would that feel like?

From there, I ask myself, when I think of this dream life or this dream season that I’m creating, what kinds of actions or projects would I be doing that would bring joy?

Once I’m able to honestly answer these questions, I am able to actionably start to identify the things that I need to do to start living the life of my dreams.


The key here when you are walking through these questions is to not judge your own answers.  This is not information that you are being graded on or something that you have to share on social media for all your peers—this is purely for your benefit.  

When diving into vision casting, we must dive into this free writing with a clear head and the knowledge that there is no right or wrong answer.

This is an opportunity to write what is on your heart. No matter how unrealistic it may sound, I always put my vision down on paper because I have found I can make some of the most seemingly outlandish ideas or goals happen simply because I chose to write it down and dream big.

When you are taking time to think about the future, it’s important to give yourself the space to think about how you want to feel and how you want your life to look. Then ask yourself, what kind of things could I be doing that would bring me joy?

As I am thinking about what the season ahead looks like, I then focus on walking it out a little bit more. I take a moment to say, alright, this is what I want for the next three years but how does that factor into my big picture goals?

I ask myself again, if I were waving my magic wand again, thinking about what life and business could look like in three years from now, what would that look and feel like?

Then I walk through these questions again for five years and 10 years.

What this helps me do is reinforce on a consistent basis the big picture goals that I consistently write down every single time. And it also highlights how my goals have changed.   


I find that in order to realistically vision cast for the immediate future, you still want to be in touch with how you can vision cast for the years and decades ahead.

After I sit down and write all of these fun responses to what I think life and business could look like in the years ahead. I then go through and highlight the more actionable goals that I can take. And I create a tangible list of realistic goals that I want to achieve based on what I have in my journal.

Most of the time, I am finding these goals to touch on marketing, financing, admin tasks, or personal education. These writing prompts are really telling at helping you identify what you really want, but also shows you what it is that you can focus your sights on in the immediate future.


From there, I will go and revisit the things that I have written down and highlight overarching themes and concepts that I want more of in the seasons ahead. It’s really important you take a look at what you have written down so you can be aware of what you want more of in the New Year. This is a big picture overview on how I create vision for my own businesses, and how I think about what I want for my life and for my work.

And it allows me to be aware of what I need to be creating for myself and for my team in the upcoming seasons in order to get to where I dream of.

Once I’m able to sit down and do the big picture dreaming and vision casting, I can identify the next-step actionable goals.

With those goals in mind, I sit down with my own marketing strategist and team and we break those goals down into robust steps that outline exactly what order things need to happen in order to achieve those goals.

Friend, let me just say that I don’t want you to feel like you have to have a team on your side in order to take those big picture goals and break them down further. This can be a great thing to walk through with your business bestie, someone from your local Tuesday’s group, or with a business coach and mentor. I’ve found it works best when you have someone you can take your big, beautiful ideas to and break them into concrete steps that you can implement throughout the weeks and the months ahead.

Let’s say that I sit down and am going through this vision casting process for the quarter ahead. An overarching theme I may see is to launch a podcast (which is actually happening in real life, yay!). From there, I know that I need to do a few housekeeping items. I need to look into some backend things like figuring out how to podcast 101, how to record each episode, and how to distribute the episodes across different channels. These are going to be great things to talk through with a friend or business mentor to come up with my next actionable steps to move forward.


When you can create time in your schedule to really identify the big wins and honest failures from the prior quarter or year, then you are then able to identify the overarching goals you want to chase after and recognize what you want more of in the season ahead.

That alone will help you move forward in life and business with a huge amount of clarity and confidence.

Vision casting has been such a powerful process that has allowed me to reflect on my businesses and dream about where I want to take them. It allows me to free up the space in my schedule to bring reignited passion to work ON my business, and not just IN it!

If this vision casting process sounds like something you are ready to implement in your own life and business, I would love to walk alongside you on this journey. Through my 1:1 mentoring services we will sit down together and create an intentional vision for your business. Answer the big dream questions. And then create a plan to implement your vision through purposeful and actionable next steps.

If this sounds like something you are ready to dive into I would love to chat with you. You can set up your free complimentary consultation call here to see if we are the perfect biz bestie duo to walk through your vision casting process to take your life to heartfelt new heights.


So what exactly is vision casting and how do I use it within my business and life? It is a combination of creating the time in my calendar to walk through my dreams through sets of different questions. | b is for bonnie design #branddesigner #brandstrategy #visioncasting

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