How to launch a new service as an established brand

February 27, 2019


Today I’m thrilled to share a step-by-step set of guidelines for my fellow boss ladies out there who are looking to diversify their streams of revenue by adding on a new service or offering as a part of their already established brand.

You would not believe how many questions I get from driven entrepreneurs who have big, bold, beautiful ideas of what a new service or offering could look like for their business, but when it comes time to actually break down the logistics and figure out how to make it all happen they aren’t sure how to move forward.

So today, I want to share five steps to help you launch your next service or offering as a part of your already established brand in a way that won’t dilute your band message or confuse your existing client base.

How to launch a new service as an established brand | b is for bonnie design #brandstrategy #branddesigner

Five steps to launch a new offering as part of your existing brand

Before we dive into these five action-packed steps to launch a new offering as part of you existing band, I first want you to really think about the deeper sense of purpose behind whatever it is you’re wanting to do.

So often when I sit and chat with people about diversifying their brand in this way, I get a lot of feedback based on this idea that people are doing this because they see others doing it. Or they think in order to grow and stay on top of the industry they need to add in new products or services along the way.

But you’d be amazed when digging deeper into this conversation, they realize that diversifying their service offerings is actually not in line with their overall big picture vision. Adding this new offering isn’t the answer to propel them towards their definition of success. And instead it turns out to be just another sneaky way of “Keeping Up With The Joneses.”

So before you think about diversifying your offerings in this way, I want to ask you:

Does this service/offering align with your brand’s core purpose?

Will this action propel you towards your big picture goals?

Is this something you’re doing simply because you see your biz bestie doing the same thing?

Or is it something you think you “should” be doing in order to keep up with the leaders in your industry?

After you’ve sat down and had this heart-to-heart moment with yourself, and you find that launching a new service as part of your established brand is 100% the right step to take in order to continue to serve your clients well and aligns with you overall purpose—then keep reading for my five go-to ways to make that happen!


The first step to take in order to launch a new offering as part of your existing brand is to identify your offering to begin with.

Now, it’s all well and good to think about what you want to introduce as a part of a new offering, but realistically it’s important you understand exactly what it is you’re offering to your ideal clients.

For example, let’s say you’re a wedding planner. You’re looking to add a new offering into your existing business. You’ve primarily worked with brides and grooms to plan and execute their dream wedding day and you’re now wanting to add on an entirely new service where you mentor fellow wedding planners.

Get super clear on what you’re wanting to offer.

In this case, your offering could be where you mentor fellow wedding planners in a way designed to equip them with the tools and clarity they need to move forward to grow the wedding planning business of their dreams.

Don’t just think on face level what you’re sharing with them, but instead think about what the final deliverables are that people will receive if they choose to work with you.

In this example, wedding planners who choose to work with you will walk away with the clarity and confidence they need to build a wedding planning business of their dreams on their own terms.

If you can dream, brainstorm, and identify what that value looks like in your offering and what those expectations, tangibles, and takeaways can be for your ideal client—then you’re going to have a better chance of clearly communicating your offer to your ideal client in the first place.


Every time I chat with a branding client or I connect with one of the amazing women inside my group coaching program—the Heartfelt Brand Society—we often find that there are two ways we can do this when introducing a new offer into an existing brand.

Either we find a new way to serve our existing ideal client, or we create an entirely new opportunity to serve a new ideal client who is similar to your old/current ideal client.

Regardless of which camp you fall into, you have to map out who that ideal client is if you ever want this offer to resonate with them.

It is so important that you not only understand what you’re doing, why you’re doing it, and what it’ll look like—but most importantly who you’re doing it for.


Now, I say quietly validate this offering because this is a step in the process where before you officially launch and share this amazing news with your audience and industry friends—we first want to make sure this offering has the legs it needs to stand on its own.

The last thing I want to see you do is go through this hard work and pour so much heart into this new offering, only to see it fall flat.

First, you need to test this offer quietly and discreetly in order to glean a lot of powerful feedback.

If this is a new service you’re offering to an existing ideal client or it’s in line with offering as an add-on experience to your current clients, then I’d encourage you to invite some past or current clients of yours to test out this offering at a heavily discounted rate so you can walk them through the process.

Give it a trial run or two and get great feedback from actual paying clients. Think of this as a paid beta test.

I say to offer this as a heavily discounted price because in my experience as a strategist and educator, I’ve found that opportunities for totally free beta testing often don’t deliver the long-term results you want to see.

It’s important to incentivize your beta testers so they are getting a clear experience and the full picture of what it’s like for a client paying full price for this offering/experience. By giving them this offering at a discounted price, your beta testers feel they’ve invested just enough where they have some skin in the game. And because of that, they will complete the process with you, engage in it 100% and be able to provide you the feedback you need in order to refine the process for when you’re ready to launch.

Once you quietly validate your offering you now should have powerful feedback—you know what works and what doesn’t—Then, go through your offering and polish it all up!


When you gear up for any big kind of introduction like this, I’m a huge advocate for educating your audience for what’s to come.

I do this with my branding clients before we launch a new brand, with my group coaching students before we introduce any new offering, and I even do this with my Illume Retreat attendees when we talk about ways to take a new beautiful dream and bring it to life.

If we can educate your audience about what you’re doing, why you’re doing it, and what this change and growth looks like or means to them as invested ideal clients—then we have a better opportunity of bringing them along into this new season of your business and brand.

Bring your audience in on the fun.

Share behind the scenes sneak peeks, create a fun countdown before you launch to generate excitement and get your ideal client to gain a deeper sense of ownership in this journey with you versus surprising them by launching this new offering into a completely cold uneducated audience.


After you’ve gone through all the hard work of identifying your offering, validating it with your ideal client and then filling your audience in on the exciting news as to what’s to come, now it’s time to celebrate.

Make this new offering a really exciting experience within your brand that your ideal clients now have this new opportunity to work with you. Outline more of the heart behind why you decided to offer this new product or service, what they can expect if they choose to invest in this new experience, and how you see this impacting your brand’s overall purpose and overall sense of mission.

Share all of this so that your audience can see how this new offering fits into your overall big vision of your brand.

Remember at the beginning I asked how this fits into your brand’s core sense of purpose?

I want that to be something you know internally, but I also think it’s a powerful opportunity to share externally with your potential/current clients and industry friends so they can understand how this new offering will bless your brand and continue to make it an even more heartfelt and purposeful business then before.


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How to launch a new service as an established brand | b is for bonnie design #brandstrategy #branddesigner

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