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Your branding goes much deeper than your color palette or packaging, lovely. Your branding journey truly begins with the motivation, core values and big dreams that fuel your business and fill you with purpose! As a creative entrepreneur, you pour long hours, hard work and a massive amount of heart into your business. Shouldn’t your visual branding serve as an authentic reflection of who you are and what your business represents?

As your brand designer and strategist, I work alongside you to identify what lies at the heart of your work so we can share your brand’s story with your ideal client authentically and effectively. Walking through my signature brand discovery process, we’ll delve into the mission, core values and big dreams that define your brand, bringing them to the forefront through clean design and actionable development. Let’s hone the voice that lies within, strategize to weave your story throughout every facet of your business, and bring your brand’s heart to life through intentional design.

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I’ve seen first-hand the power of operating your business from a clearly defined place of purpose. From the visuals that represent your business, to the messaging that guides your marketing, to the experiences you incorporate to delight and serve your clients, my branding approach delves deep to help you create an authentic and actionable brand strategy that’s backed by beautiful visuals. I believe so deeply in the importance of your work that I want to see you move forward with the heartfelt strategy and purpose-filled approach to bring your brand’s visual identity to life like never before! When we work together, you’ll not only walk away with a heartfelt visual identity for your business, but also an intentional brand strategy to curate longevity, authenticity and profitability in your work.


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"[after working with bonnie], I am now more confident than ever to share my work and who I am as a business owner! This will be the best investment you make for your business and I wouldn't recommend anyone other than Bonnie -- she is the  Joanna Gaines of brand design!!"


hannah smith, hannah smith photography

“I can never put into words what Bonnie has done for me and my business, and it goes far beyond branding! Her entire process changed my whole world, from how I run my business, to how I live my life, to how I make time my family. She challenged me to think about things differently and that is something that is truly priceless.”


brooke tucker, brooke tucker photography

“Bonnie’s approach to branding is special. Not only is she an amazing designer, she also has a huge heart for her clients and their businesses! I walked away from my rebrand feeling excited, encouraged, confident, and full of new ideas for my business! I’ve never felt like that before. The way she coached me throughout the branding process is something that I am forever grateful for!”


ashley powell, ashley powell photography

“After working with Bonnie, I feel like a “real” business. I have the consistency that I wanted, a logo that reflected my business and a cohesive look, color and feel throughout all of my marketing materials. I feel like my business has a clearer direction in the way that we are perceived, and I finally feel like my brand translates the message that I have been trying so hard to communicate myself!”


nicole hensley, storybook weddings & events

“Investing in Bonnie was such a smart decision for my business. I stumbled on Bonnie through Instagram, and I felt this instantaneous click with Bonnie’s branding and personality. I couldn’t be happier what we created! She went above and beyond, made something so beautiful for me that I can truly be proud of, and the extra, sweet touches made my experience with working with her just absolutely amazing!

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In order to give you my full attention, I accept a limited number of bookings each month. Packages start at $3,500, and I am currently booking projects for 2017.  To start the conversation and learn more about full pricing and availability, please reach out through my contact form or directly at bonnie (at)