Dating Your Spouse: Making Time for What Matters Most with a Busy Schedule

April 1, 2016

In the thick of running a business, tending to your household, maintaining some semblance of a social life, and everything in-between, how in the world are you supposed to find the time to intentionally pursue your spouse? As a brand new boss lady a few years ago, I quickly discovered that my plan to just wait around and see when this free time magically appeared was innately flawed. From date night to mani/pedi days to a quick Target run to look a nail polish, none of these activities were going to happen unless I made time for them. So, enter office hours, strong work/life boundaries, and a burning desire to create a life that is filled with moments and memories, not just hours spent in front of my computer screen.

dating your spouse: making time for what matters most in the midst of busy schedules | b is for bonnie design

Although Armon and I loved our occasional date nights, we found that we felt this incredible amount of pressure to make each one amazing since we were so intentionally carving out that time in our schedules. Recently, I caught a Periscope from my sweet friend Shay Cochrane and her husband, sharing how they’ve beat the almost unrealistic expectations of date night by making time for each other on a weekly basis. Instead of dating each other every few weeks or months, they’ve carved out time in their schedules to go on a weekly date, which not only made date night less intimidating, but also made it more approachable and realistic. Sign us up!

dating your spouse: making time for what matters most in the midst of busy schedules | b is for bonnie design

We decided to make date night a weekly occurrence in our household, too. And so far, we’re loving it! But with Armon back in school and our desire to put more towards our mortgage every month, we’re striving to create intentional time to pursue one another without breaking the bank. This week, we opted for a fun-filled evening with tacos, good conversation, and a mandatory stop at the new ice cream shop in town!

By opting for more casual spots and skipping the margaritas with dinner, we were able to keep the entire meal and dessert under $30. Granted, Waco is a bit of a college town so we have some great affordable dining options, but we didn’t feel like we were skimping on our orders or were missing anything by being mindful of what we were spending. More importantly, we took time out of our daily routine to pursue one another, dive deep into what’s been going on in our daily lives, and laugh over the little things. Whether you’re a married boss lady trying to balance it all, are in a relationship with your sweetheart, or wish you had more time to tend to your close friendships with your best friends, I think this weekly approach of carving out time for what matters most is one we all could implement.

Every now and then, I’ll be posting back here with affordable and intentional date ideas, designed for the busy boss lady who doesn’t have the time or mental space for elaborate affairs. What kind of topics would you like to see, or what are your go-to date ideas to pursue your darling?


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