Giving Yourself the Permission to Create Authentically

April 14, 2016

How often do we doubt what lies within, sweet friend? As creatives, we know there’s a spark inside each of us. One that draws us to a medium, whether it’s tangible or digital, where we can express ourselves and create art that brings joy and value to people’s’ lives. But how frequently do we find ourselves doubting whether it’s enough? Is it good enough, unique enough, or worthy enough to be shared? So often, I think these nagging doubts hold us back. Don’t you?

Giving yourself the permission to create authentically (and how that can transform your business!) via b is for bonnie design

I think so many of us, whether we’re just starting out or we’ve been in business for years, are afraid to create from a true place of authenticity. Creating authentically is vulnerable! It requires you dig deep and bring forth what lies within for all the world to see. And what if it’s lacking, flawed or fill-in-your-insecurity here? What will our peers, industry friends or competitors say about us then?

More times than not, we allow our doubts and insecurities to hold us back from the true extent of our greatness. I believe it’s not because we don’t want to create authentically, but rather we’re too afraid to lean into that full force. And as a result, we settle for only a fraction of what our best work could be.

And how limiting is that? I wholeheartedly believe that you deserve the freedom and space to create your most authentic work yet. Even if that means your style is a little offbeat or you’re worried that the industry won’t know how to respond to what you bring to the table. We need to challenge the status quo every now and again!

Ask yourself if you are honoring your passion by creating authentically without limitations, friend. What would you create if money were no object, or if you weren’t limited by time or resources? How fulfilling would that pursuit of passion be? If it’s within reason and will truly bring you joy, then I encourage you to run after it with all your might, lovely!

When we give ourselves the permission we need to create from that most authentic place within, then everything changes. We are no longer held back by what we fear others might say, as what we’re pursuing is worth the risk. When you create in this way, friend, you’re able to tap into a deeper place of joy, purpose and skill than ever before. And, more importantly, you’re giving yourself the space to be yourself in your work.

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