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February 8, 2017

My guess is that as creative entrepreneurs, we have at least one thing in common — we all have found ourselves in the thick of a creative rut at one time or another. I’m surely not the only one, right?
5 ways to break out of a creative rut as an entrepreneur via b is for bonnie design | suede scalloped hem dress via

The more demands we place on our creativity, the more we can struggle to stay inspired. If we find ourselves in a mental space where we’re treating our creativity like a never-ending well, then we inevitably will run dry if we aren’t pouring back into that creative well every now and then.

So if you’re like me and you periodically find yourself in a creative rut, devoid of fresh ideas and struggling to stay inspired with the work that’s in front of you, don’t despair! Over the years, I’ve assembled a set of tried and true ideas that can snap me out of even the deepest creative ruts. And my hope is that one of these ideas might encourage you to reconnect with your creativity again, too!

5 ways to break out of a creative rut as an entrepreneur via b is for bonnie design | suede scalloped hem dress via

5 ways to break out of a creative rut as an entrepreneur via b is for bonnie design | suede scalloped hem dress via

5 ways to break out of a creative rut as an entrepreneur via b is for bonnie design | suede scalloped hem dress via

Change Your Scenery

Reconnecting with your personal sense of creativity can be as simple as changing your environment. We often underestimate the power our physical surroundings can have on our mood, productivity and creativity. So whenever I find myself struggling to stay inspired, I’ll take the #bisforbonniestudio on the road and head over to my favorite local coffee shop. The new sounds, smells and people around me help me interact with my work in a fresh way. Plus, I’ll never turn up a chance to grab a cup of cold brew!

Switch Up Projects

Perhaps you’re experiencing a dip in creativity because of the project you’re working on. If that may be the case, then simply take a step back from whatever is on your project list. Focus on another project or action item of equal importance, and allow yourself to discover a sense of joy or accomplishment in that work. If you’ve noticed an improvement in your level of creativity or energy, then ease yourself back into your original project and give it another go!

Pursue Time for Yourself

Walking through a creative rut is a personal experience. Although external factors may be at play, your personal sense of creativity and energy are directly affected. So rather than turn outward for a solution, give yourself a chance to turn inward first. Explore where this sudden dip in creativity could be stemming from. Prioritize self-care, and treat yourself to the little things that boost your spirit and confidence. Personally, reading a good book, curling up on our back patio, or getting dolled up for no reason can always put a smile on my face! (Hence why I’m grinning from ear-to-ear in my office in this darling faux suede dress from Shein!)

Seek Out Community

The thick of a creative rut is no time to go it alone. Although your local creative community, family or even your best friend may not have a surefire answer for your struggle, simply being around them can spark creativity. If you’re seeking creative inspiration, invite a new friend out for coffee, go on a hike in your local park with your significant other, or get connected with your closest TuesdaysTogether group. Any chance for community can not only bolster your spirit, but you can also walk away feeling inspired by someone else’s perspective, story or sense of humor.

Give Yourself Grace

Breaking out of a creative rut has no set time limit. Everyone experiences bursts of creativity at different times and in different lengths, and if you attempt to force yourself to “snap out of it” by a certain date, you may be setting yourself up to fail. Give yourself the grace, and the space, to be in this current dry season. Accept that your creativity, just like everyone else, has limitations. But if we can nurture it, pour back into it, and empower it to grow back, it will! It just takes time. And for as challenging as it can be to embrace patience, I promise you it’s worth it.

How do you break out of a creative rut, friend? I’d love to hear in the comments below!

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