Craft a High-End Brand using These 4 Steps

October 26, 2017

Crafting elevated visual brands that empower my clients to connect authentically with the high-end audiences who need their work the most in one of the things I love most about my work! Just this past year alone, I’ve developed visual brands and strategies that rake in $50k in just one month, and I’ve built visuals that book an ideal client within 24 hours of launching. More than just pretty visuals, it’s crucial to craft an elevated strategy that connects your beautiful brand with clients who value your work and will have the budget to pay for your grade A services! Which is why today, I’m breaking down four of the very steps I guide my own clients through to create brands that knock sales goals out of the park as they connect with luxury clients all over the country.

But before we dive too deep into this content, boss lady, let’s get one thing clear — if you’re striving to create a high-end brand simply for the financial gain, your clients will be able to smell that out a mile away. Instead, only venture into a higher end market when you are confident that you have the talent, experience, and heart to serve luxury clients well. Reaching high-end audiences involves a different marketing approach and, as a result, a different brand strategy that requires a good deal of heart and a willingness to do the work to serve your clients well.

Now, with that out on the table, let’s explore just how to craft a brand that connects with your (high-end) dream clients!

Create a high-end brand in just four steps via b is for bonnie design

Offer an experience, not a solution

First of all, the way brands market to high-end audiences begins with one important step: offer an experience, not a solution. You see, luxury clients aren’t affected by problem/solution-based marketing (i.e. “This is your problem and here’s my solution!). Instead, they’re drawn into experiences that enhance their lives and add value.

One of the best ways to do this? Use your messaging to paint a clear picture of what life could look like if your high-end client works with you. Describe “the dream” you’re offering them through your messaging and the imagery you share on your online channels in order to help them visualize how great life could be if they were living that dream. When high-end clients see how your work can help them achieve that dream, they’re already well on their way to investing in your services or product.

Inspire emotion

Luxury brands bring us back time and time again because we feel something specific (and overwhelmingly positive!) when we engage with them. If we think back to the concept of describing “the dream” your work can offer your client, we should take note that emotion plays a key role there, as well. The words you use to paint that picture can inspire the specific emotions you want your client to feel in order to better appreciate your approach, or in order to put them in a frame of mind that’s more receptive to your work.

But inspiring emotion isn’t just for the sales copy on your website or the language you use when you’re chatting with a potential client. You have an amazing opportunity to inspire emotion through every social media post, blog post, and email to your list that you share! So analytically consider just what emotion, or set of emotions, you want to utilize in order to inspire a deeper connection between your client and your brand.

Know your ideal client intimately

Speaking of your client, it’s absolutely crucial to understand just who they are as you craft an elevated brand! More than what your ideal client might do for a living or where they shop on the weekends, you need to understand their psychographics — their attitudes, world-views, aspirations and more! When we can get inside our ideal client’s heads to understand what they value, what their big dreams are, and what truly matters most to them, then we can begin to connect the dots as to how our work can fit into their lives. Knowing your ideal client on a deeper level can equip you to market effectively, create relevant products or services, and take so much of the guesswork out of connecting with those who need your work the most.

Craft visuals that resonate

Make design decisions that capture the attention of higher end clientele. And trust me, friend, this is one situation where DIY simply won’t do. Unless you have a background in graphic design and understand just how to craft an elevated set of visuals that will appeal to an elevated audience, this is the time to bring in a professional to help you make the best decisions.

Earlier this year, I worked with an amazing client named Cori to craft a visual brand that would connect her with the luxury brides she longed to work with. Cori is a talented floral designer based in Colorado, and she understood that her then-current visuals weren’t inspiring the sense of trust, emotion, or experience that she brings to the table. Knowing that her goal was to double her starting price point from $10,000 to $20,000, I was able to make design recommendations that would appeal to the kinds of brides who would value Cori’s aesthetic and her experience. As a result, she was able to raise her starting price point to $25,000 and book a celebrity client at above her starting price point just one week after her brand launch.

Investing in a professional approach yields professional results that enable you to reach your goals and connect almost instantly with those high-end clients you can’t wait to work with!


Are you ready to craft an elevated visual identity that inspires connection with the high-end audiences you long to work with? Then we should chat, lovely. Creating elevated brands that authentically reflect the heart of your life’s work is what I do best, and it would be an honor to walk this journey alongside you as you pursue this season of business. I’m currently booking clients for 2018 start dates, and I’d love to schedule a complimentary consult to see if we’re a match made in heaven! Get in touch today to schedule our call. 

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