Joyful + Inviting Rebrand for Ellie Jean Paperie | Waco, Texas handletterer & hostess

December 13, 2017

I may be biased, but I truly believe that each and every one of my sweet branding clients is special. But it’s not often that I come across true gems like Madeline Wieters of Ellie Jean Paperie! This woman exudes grace, hospitality, and a warmth unlike anyone I’ve ever met. And I’m even more blessed to have her as part of my little community of creatives here in Waco as she’s a part of our local TuesdaysTogether group! So when we met for coffee to chat about a new season for her sweet handlettering business, I was absolutely honored when she expressed an interest in working together to completely re-brand her business.

After months of hard work, I’m thrilled to introduce y’all to the Ellie Jean Paperie brand — Madeline’s newest venture as she offers handlettered goodies for both home and hostess. You see, Madeline is a talented handletterer and calligrapher with a penchant for hosting, and all of her thoughtful products exist to bring more joy into your life! But when we first started working together, she was actually doing business under another name with a completely different aesthetic, and she was confident that it was time to transition into a new season under a new name with a completely new visual aesthetic to match! That’s where I came in and we promptly got to work.

Warm, joyful re-branding for Ellie Jean Paperie via b is for bonnie design | gold and navy logo design with custom calligraphy

As we dove into the re-branding process, Madeline quickly went from feeling “scattered and somewhat overwhelmed,” to “equipped,” in no time as she readily invested her heart, time, and talent into every facet of the process. Together, we created a versatile color palette that pairs cool tones with a warm gold accent that creates a clean, approachable aesthetic Madeline can easily incorporate throughout her website, print collateral, and even her products. As we started dreaming up ideas for her new logo, we knew that we wanted Madeline’s lettering to take front and center, as that’s such a huge component of her business! So she sent over some different lettering concepts and I put together three strong options for her primary logo. Once we honed the best option, we focused on crafting gorgeous print collateral and a new Showit website that help bring her brand to life online and in person!

Since Madeline’s product line includes several print items, we knew that we wanted to create a stationery suite that did her work justice. We opted for crisp, clean digitally printed flat notecards for easy notes for online and custom orders. From there, we wanted to tie in Madeline’s color palette through deep navy envelopes with gold lettering for a cohesive, intentional touch! And taking Madeline’s love of gold accents into consideration, we knew that touches of gold foil would be absolutely perfect for her business cards. Printed on luxe, duplexed cotton stock with gold foil on both the front and back, I’m hopeful these beauties will be a memorable addition to every shop order Madeline sends out.

Custom gold foil + navy stationery and business cards for Ellie Jean Paperie by b is for bonnie design Custom gold foil + navy stationery and business cards for Ellie Jean Paperie by b is for bonnie design

As we worked together on her beautiful new Showit website, Madeline shared, “I love my beautiful website that’s actually possible for me to maintain! But I think most of all, I love the clarity I have as far as what I want my brand to stand for going forward.” Together, we focused on crafting intentional touchpoints that tell her brand story well, but more than that, we focused on clearly identifying the heart of her brand so she can authentically weave it throughout every detail moving forward. For me, that’s ultimately how we measure success with every b is for bonnie branding project.

In her own words, here’s what Madeline had to say about working together on her sweet, intentional re-branding journey:

“[If you’re thinking about working with Bonnie,] I would absolutely recommend it. You took all the guesswork out for me, and you were so knowledgable not only about the theories of branding but also about the technical pieces of the website, stationery printing, etc… I was able to turn over all of my ideas and crazy thoughts and visions to you and you took them beyond what I imagined and turned them into a real, live, beautiful brand.

I’m so grateful for all your hard work! I absolutely feel as if I got my money’s worth and more. This was an investment that will pay out dividends for years to come, and has provided me with so many great resources to continue to cultivate a brand I believe in far into the future.”

Be sure to head over to Madeline’s beautiful new website, explore her amazing shop filled with handlettered goods for the home and hostess, and let’s keep this celebration going for months to come!

Are you ready to invest in crafting an elevated visual brand that represents the heart of your life’s work? I’m currently accepting new branding clients for 2018, and I’d love to partner to create something truly one-of-a-kind that serves you well for years to come. Get in touch to schedule a free consult today!

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