Intentional Travel: Canada Edition | What I Packed for the Imperfect Boss Camp

October 11, 2018

Greetings from beautiful Haliburton, Ontario, friends! Goodness, it’s been a while since our last Intentional Travel post, hasn’t it? Well, this week, I’m spending five days in the heart of the Canadian woods alongside an incredible group of women at the inaugural Imperfect Boss Camp while I serve a mentor. It’s been such a joy to guide a group of six women through this experience, serving as their biggest cheerleader, supporter, and guide along the way!

Since I can’t take y’all along with me on this experience, I’m doing the next best thing and sharing my full packing list for the cool weather and ruggedly beautiful scenery in this part of Ontario. The heart behind every Intentional Travel post is to highlight a way of packing and prioritizing what you bring so you can spend less time in your hotel room, struggling to figure out what to wear. Instead, you can spend more time exploring a new city, building relationships with new industry friends, and making the most of this experience!

A cozy, casual packing list for 5 days Ontario, Canada in one carry-on suitcase | Intentional Travel: The Imperfect Boss Camp edition via b is for bonnie design

The mission behind the Imperfect Boss Camp experience is centered around equipping and empowering women both in life and business through powerful mindset work, confidence building, and actionable business strategy. Mix an incredible curriculum like that with a gorgeous camp set on a picturesque lake surrounded by towering pine trees, and you have a setting that’s ripe for moments of clarity, big personal breakthroughs, and lifelong friendships! And the last thing you want to be thinking about in that type of setting is what to wear.

Which is why I focused on packing my coziest casual pieces that take your summer camp packing list to the next level!

The Basics

When I was packing for Canada, the temps looked much chillier than the weather here in Texas. And since I basically think anything under 75 degrees calls for a cardigan (thanks, Texas summers!), I packed my bag with versatile layers and long sleeves that can be mixed and matched throughout the week.

  • Oversized asymmetrical long sleeve top in grey and white (seriously the slouchiest, softest top ever!)
  • Oversized pullover sweater in cream (I love how this sweater works with leggings for a cozier, more casual look, but can easily be paired with skinny jeans and ankle boots for a simple-yet-polished ensemble.) 
  • Blush pullover sweater with patchwork pockets
  • Boyfriend cut dark green plaid (My shirt is vintage that’s borrowed from the boys, but this is an affordable current option that’s almost identical!)
  • Whisper cotton v-necks in white and grey (I’ve been buying these for years and they layer beautifully under sweaters to provide more warmth when temps get a bit chilly.)
  • Skinny jeans in a dark wash and a lighter wash (Gotta have my options!)
  • Activewear tights in navy, grey, and black (I’m packing dark neutrals that can pair well with almost all of the colored tops I brought. Plus, the darker colors make wearing fancy yoga pants a little more socially acceptable in public ????)

The Layers

The Pizzaz

Since I kept the pieces I packed fairly simple and super versatile, I’m relying on a few statement pieces of jewelry and neutral accessories to spice things up a bit. The color palette inside my suitcase is made up mostly of white, grey, dark green with a pop of blush, so I focused on brass and gold jewelry that can add a little shine to any outfit I put together on this trip.

Despite the lack of WiFi and spotty cell service, I’m having an absolute blast with my sweet group of campers here at the Imperfect Boss Camp! And I hope this latest Intentional Travel post is giving you all the inspiration as you prep for your next fall adventure so you can travel thoughtfully wherever you go.

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