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December 20, 2018

Just yesterday, I officially introduced you to the new custom brand for Your Sweetest Day Events, a wedding planner serving joyful couples in Central Pennsylvania. But today, I’m equally excited to share all the juicy details on the second visual brand we crafted together! That’s right–Danielle and I not only re-branded her wedding planning business, but we also designed a beautiful new brand for her newest venture.

Danielle Jacqueline Co. is an educational brand for creatives and fellow wedding planners. Through actionable resources and tools, Danielle is sharing her own strategies, experiences, and knowledge to help fellow creatives grow their businesses.

From 1:1 mentoring to a masterclass to intimate workshops, there are so many wonderful ways to work with Danielle! But in order to craft a brand that gave her the space to dive into all these wonderful adventures, we needed to focus on building a set of visuals that was still tied to the YSDE brand, but gave her the room to spread her wings fully.

In building this sister brand, I wanted us to primarily focus on crafting an identity that has the freedom and flexibility to dive into offerings that the YSDE brand wouldn’t. For example, the DJco brand offers in-person educational experiences through mentoring and workshops. The YSDE brand might offer educational resources for couples, but Danielle and her team shine brightest when they’re able to help their couples more individually plan and execute their wedding.

Although I knew we needed to build a brand that gave DJco the space to stand on its own, I didn’t want to disregard the years Danielle has spent building brand equity and credibility within the YSDE business. With that in mind, I focused on designing a set of visuals that walks the fine line of being separate from the YSDE brand while still fully reflecting the individuality of the DJco brand.

In order to make this happen, I kept the color palette and font pairings the same. I pulled in contrasting elements from the softer YSDE brand through a different set of custom illustrations, as well as a more modern take on a traditional monogram.

As a result, we were able to launch a totally separate brand that gives Danielle the opportunity to take her educational offerings to incredible new heights. Along the way, she still has all the room and possibility to allow her wedding planning business to grow on its own!

Crafting this sister brand for Danielle was such a true joy, and I personally loved building out a robust education page on her site for all her offerings to live.

On top of that, we designed a separate landing page for an educational challenge Danielle is offering this month! One of my favorite things about designing custom Showit 5 websites for my clients is that we have a huge amount of flexibility to add on sales pages, challenge landing pages, or even online shops to their existing accounts. And, of course, this wonderful project was no exception.

Head on over to the new Danielle Jacqueline Co. online home to see her new educational brand in action!

Thinking of adding a bright, bold new offering to your existing brand in 2019? I’d love to chat about creating an intentional brand to give your newest dream the space it needs to shine! 

I’m currently accepting custom branding clients for 2019, and I’d love to find a time to chat about your vision in more depth. Get in touch to schedule your complimentary consult today!

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