4 ways to find the right group coaching program for you

February 12, 2019

I’m sure by now, many of you are aware of all the amazing educational opportunities and group coaching programs that are out there. But finding the right one to fit your life, learning style and dreams can take quite a bit of research.

I’m fired up today to share with you more of my heart behind group coaching and the incredible women I get to link arms with over the next six months as we chase after their brightest and boldest dreams.

Don’t get me wrong, I love 1:1 mentoring, but there’s something about surrounding yourself with like-minded women who are constantly encouraging and supporting each other throughout their journeys that gets me super excited.

4 ways to find the right group coaching program for you | b is for bonnie design #branddesigner #brandstrategy

This week, I’m wrapping up my first ever in-person retreat here in Waco with the incredible gals inside the Heartfelt Brand Society and I’m already blown away by their heart and purpose in not only business, but also life.

Through this intentional six-month group coaching and mastermind experience, I’m honored to have the front row seat to their boldest and brightest dreams. It’s truly a humbling experience to walk alongside every single one of the women inside the Heartfelt Brand Society as I get to pour my experience as a brand designer, strategist and industry educator, to help them get where they want to go.

Over the past few days, we’ve come together in person here in Waco to dig deeper into growing our relationships as a close-knit community and to dive into the strategy behind how to grow the business of their dreams and build a wholehearted life that speaks to their definition of success. And let me tell you, these past few days have been beyond incredible.

If you can relate to needing that kind of community and it’s been on your heart to find a similar group of women, then I would love to share my experience of how you can find the right group coaching or mastermind experience for you.

4 ways to find the right group coaching experience

Let’s be honest, there are so many great options out there. Whether it’s a free or paid mastermind, a course working with an educator or 1:1 mentoring. There are some incredible ways you can bless yourself and your business through hands on education.

Group coaching is different from a course or 1:1 mentoring because you get the lovely combination of access to your fellow participants and a certain amount of guidance from the instructor, too. Having access to the head of this group coaching experience is going to help you get the encouragement, tools and resources you need to reach your goals. So not only do you receive what feels like 1:1 mentoring, but also a beautiful community component as well.

But here’s the thing, you need to identify what speaks to you most about a group coaching program in order to know if it’s the right method for you and your business.

Here are four ways to find which group coaching experience is right for you.


First and foremost, I need you to understand your goals. What do you want to get out of this experience? What measurables do you want to hit? What growth do you want to achieve?

If you are applying for a group coaching program because it sounds fun and you want to meet new friends, that’s wonderful. But I also need you to be honest with yourself if that’s why you’re chasing after this experience.

I’m going to be honest here, any quality group coaching experience is going to be an investment. So in order for you to see a return out of that investment, it’s important for you to know your goals going into it so you can research which instructor, approach, and curriculum will help you hit your big beautiful dreams.


Every group coaching program is different. Some include tons of 1:1 access to your instructor while others include only a little bit. Some include accountability partners and some don’t. Many programs are different so it’s important to understand on your end— from an introspective place—how you work best and what kind of support you need to get the most out of this experience.

If you work well on your own and you don’t need any hand holding, then a loosely structured program would be a perfect fit for you. But if need a little more hand holding—no shame in that game—then having more 1:1 access or an accountability partner can make a huge difference.

On top of that, understanding how you work best and how you learn best can help you find a curriculum that works for you.

If you know you work well with lots of monthly guides or homework sheets, then you’ll want to work with someone who is giving that to you. If you want to purely listen to audio recordings and watch video trainings, then look for someone who offers content in that way.

But in order to know, you need to understand how you learn best.


If you’re signing up for an extended group coaching experience—for example, the Heartfelt Brand Society which is six months long—I always take the opportunity to hop on an interest call with anyone who applies first so I can clearly understand what they hope to experience and receive from this program.

But I also do this so I can talk them through what the heck we are even going to walk through over the next six months. Because there’s nothing worse then signing up to something and investing a lot of time and resources only to find out that the content doesn’t even meet you where you are at.

You need to have an opportunity to dig into the specific monthly content that your instructor will walk you through so you know if your time together will be worth it.

Some instructors will have that listed on their program page. For me personally, I like to walk applicants through that on our initial call together so each student can get a more tailored, high-level view of our monthly content in that way.


Chances are there are a lot of people in your industry, local community, or even your biz bestie group who’ve taken a mastermind or group coaching program.

Ask them which ones they’ve taken and what they liked or didn’t like about it. That can help point you in the right direction of what program will be a good fit for your goals and business.

Even understanding what your industry friends didn’t like about a program can help you assess if that would be a concern of yours too and what programs to stay away from.

But hopefully, they can help give you a quality list of potential educational experiences you can look into as well.


To give you a little insight to the Heartfelt Brand Society approach, over the six-months we work together, I hop into our private Facebook group on a consistent basis. Every other week, I do a live training in the group where those who show up are able to ask questions and interact with each other.

On top of that, every week my group coaching gals have direct access to me through unlimited Voxer messages or emails, but more than that, they have access to each other too! And after our in-person retreat here in Waco they know each other on such a personal level that it adds so much value to this community and their relationships.

Throughout the six months, we also have dedicated accountability partners who cheer each other on in the months ahead and to check in when we need the most support. Every month, we hop on a video call to talk through our monthly topic more in depth and share more about our goals and plans for the month ahead.

You can see inside our group coaching program there’s a lot of connection—not just access to me—but also, tons of access to each other.

And that’s where we start to see a lot of explosive community and growth.

If you’re ready to dive into a heartfelt approach to growing your business on your own terms as you boldly chase after you definition of success, I’d love to invite you to join the waitlist for my signature group coaching program, the Heartfelt Brand Society.

Join the HBS Waitlist

Doors for my signature six-month group coaching + mastermind program are currently closed, but you can be the first to know when applications re-open!

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This six-month group coaching mastermind experience is designed to equip you to elevate your brand strategy, woo your ideal clients and transform your bottom line as a result.

Although registration is currently closed for this intentional six-month experience, I’d love to have you join the waitlist so I can update you about further opportunities where we can work together in the future.

In the meantime, if you want to follow along with all the great work we are doing as a close-knit community of like-minded women entrepreneurs. Feel free to follow along using #heartfeltbrandsociety

4 ways to determine if group coaching is right for you and how it can help you achieve your goals. | b is for bonnie design #heartfeltbrandsociety #brandstrategy #groupcoaching

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