Episode 106 – 3 Steps to Capture Your Ideal Client’s Attention

February 20, 2019

3 steps to capture your ideal client’s attention. | The Brand Strategy Podcast #brandstrategy #idealclient #clientexperience

Hi friend and welcome to this week’s episode of the Brand Strategy Podcast. Today we’re diving into how to craft a brand that resonates with your ideal client in three simple steps.

This is such a powerful conversation topic I love to dive into with my 1:1 branding clients, the women inside my group coaching program—the Heartfelt Brand Society—and also the women who join me at the Illume Retreat—my all-inclusive intentional retreat here in Waco for creatives.

I am so passionate about guiding creatives through this topic and I can’t wait to peel back the layers a bit more on this idea. I think crafting a brand that resonates with your ideal client can feel like it requires this secret sauce that feels like throwing spaghetti at the wall. Some of it might stick while the rest falls to the floor like a mess. But sweet friend, I don’t want you to feel that way about your brand!

Let’s dream together

Before we dive into this, I want you to dream with me here for a little bit. I want you to reflect on why you started your business in the first place.

Do you remember?

Can you remember what it felt like when you first found that spark? When you discovered that passion? Or when you were drawn to the idea of what you do?

Cut through the day-to-day tasks, all the emails and the everyday hustle-and-bustle and I want you to focus on the life giving story that fired you up to take the leap and start this brand of yours.

Can you remember that?

What did it feel like? Can you feel the why behind this brand you’re building? Do you feel confident that you can translate that feeling into a story you can share with your ideal clients?

3 steps to capture your ideal client’s attention

4:00 – If you can’t, that’s okay. Because the goal of today’s episode is to help you figure out how to take that heart and translate it into actual words that you can share with your ideal client in order to inspire a relationship and connection with them.

Trust me friend, there are three ways to cut through that frustration and instead create an elevated brand that tells your story and also captures your ideal client’s attention at the same time.

#1 – Lean into your sweet spot

5:10 – The first step in creating this magical brand is to create the sweet spot where your story and your ideal client’s story overlaps.

Think about your values, your differentiators and all the little things that make you as the business owner unique. Then, think about your ideal client’s story, their values, differentiators and pain points.

What do they need from a creative like you? What are they looking for on their journey and how can you bridge that gap?

I like to think of it in terms of a Venn diagram.

Picture the sweet spot in the middle where the two circles intersect. That’s your sweet spot—the space where if you can understand how to tie in your values with your ideal client’s values, then you can create services and experiences that stay true to you, while also offering what your ideal clients want and need from you the most.

6:30 – Tune in to this episode using the media player above to hear how I use this Venn diagram approach to find this sweet spot with my own branding clients. I’m even sharing how I saw huge results with one of my sweet branding clients using this exact approach. Together, we built a brand that spoke to her high-end dreamy clients and she was able to go from a brand that didn’t get noticed online to a visual brand and overarching strategy that enables her to bring in clients at $30K+ price points and so much more.

Your sweet spot is where you get to create your very best work doing the work you love the most.

#2 – Tell your story

10:15 – The second way to capture your ideal client’s attention is to tell your story along the way.

Remember, you are your biggest success story.

If you can take your story and use it to show your ideal client how you can help them achieve their biggest goals, you’ve now built a connection to share your heart and fulfill their need.

10: 45 – The goal here is to have your ideal client look at your journey. I want them to see your story and think—if she can do that for her own business and life, then imagine what she could do for me.

That is exactly how I want you to connect with your ideal clients. Describe the dream of what it’s like to work with you.

11:30 – Sharing what life could look like is a powerful motivator.

#3 – Make your ideal client the hero

12:05 – The third way is to make your ideal client the hero of the story you’re telling.

We want to create a connection with you and your ideal client by sharing similar values. Show your ideal clients you’ve been there before and and how you got to where you are today.

12:30 – If you create a personal brand that tells your story and leaves no space for your ideal client to join you in that journey, then you unintentionally create a brand that alienates your ideal client.

This is where we need to do things differently.

12:45 – In this episode I’m sharing how to make your client the hero of your story. Hint: Position yourself as someone who can support them in their journey.

Building a StoryBrand

15:15 – Don’t feel frustrated in your experience in building this kind of brand. You can take these three easy steps to confidently share your story and reach your dreamy ideal client along the way.

If you’re ready to dive into this idea in more depth, grab yourself a copy of Building a StoryBrand by Donald Miller! And if you want to walk through this process with someone who is guiding you through what it looks like to build a brand that resonates with your ideal clients, then I’d love to chat with you.

I want to help you confidently go from feeling frustrated in your brand to feeling like you can thrive using the tools you need to build a profitable and sustainable brand.

I currently am accepting new branding clients for 2019 start dates and it would be such a joy to partner together to craft a visual brand that reflects the heart of your life’s work, and that tells your story and speaks to your ideal client all in the same breathe.

To book your free branding consultation click here.


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