The #1 reason your brand isn’t resonating with your ideal clients

February 21, 2019

As a brand designer and strategist over the past seven years, I have heard so many stories from tenacious and talented creatives just like you about where they are really struggling within their businesses. And it might not be exactly where you think.

I know so many creatives who feel stuck when it comes to understanding why their brand isn’t resonating with their ideal clients. And maybe you’ve felt this struggle, too.

Do you post on social media only to hear crickets in response? Are you baffled trying to figure out why you have a beautiful website, but aren’t generating the kinds of inquiries you want from the kinds of clients you dream of working with? Or maybe just maybe you feel like everything on your end is working fine, except for the telltale fact that your client numbers aren’t where they need to be.

If any of those pain points feel familiar, then today friend, this post is just for you.

The #1 reason your brand isn't resonating with your ideal clients | b is for bonnie design #brandstrategy #clientexperience

I want to share my experience as a brand designer and strategist so you can figure out how best to move forward with the confidence and clarity you need to get your brand out in front of those dreamy ideal clients you long to serve.

The #1 reason your brand isn’t resonating with your ideal clients

Now, this is a question I get from my branding clients, mentoring clients, even the women inside my group coaching program—the Heartfelt Brand Society—time and time again.

They’re wondering why exactly their brand isn’t connecting with the people they long to serve.

And honestly, from my perspective as an industry expert, I can see a clear direct answer to their questions.

When I go in and do a little digging, it’s easy for me to see that it’s ultimately because their brand isn’t speaking to their ideal clients pain points.

The Case of Misconnections

If we break this idea down even more, it really comes down to a case of misconnections. Let me explain. You think you’re building a brand, sharing a certain message, and inviting people into a specific set of offerings that will meet them right where they are at, but in reality your ideal client is perceiving your brand in a completely different way.

This results in you very realistically missing each other.

You feel frustrated because you aren’t booking the kinds of projects you long to book.
And your ideal client is frustrated because they have to search so hard to find a go-to expert to help them solve their struggles as well.

If you find yourself with your branding in the “friend zone” and you aren’t seeing the kinds of results you want to see, then my advice for you is to take a long hard look to how your brand is speaking to your ideal clients.

Get your brand out of the friend zone

Ultimately, I’ve found if we’re creating brands that are only speaking partially to our ideal clients pain points, then we are missing the mark entirely. When I say “pain points” I’m not talking about something that physically gives your clients pain.

Pain points are the things that are standing in their way of achieving greatness—whatever greatness looks like for them.

Only partially speaking to what is standing in their way of achieving success won’t result in a sale or qualified inquiry.

What we have to do on our end is very clearly outline to our ideal client that we are the go-to solution for whatever is standing in their way of achieving greatness.


Let’s say you’re an amazing photographer who serves couples-to-be on their wedding day. You need to figure out how to connect with joyful couples who want that bright, light, and airy aesthetic you love to shoot.

But when you dig a little deeper into your ideal client’s pain point, you discover that it’s not that they are struggling to find a photographer who matches the style of imagery they love, but instead they’re having a hard time finding a photographer who values the same things that they value.

In this example, this ideal couple is looking for a photographer who not only shoots beautiful light, bright and airy images, but also a photographer to help them capture the start of their marriage—not just their wedding day—but the beginning of a lifelong commitment to one another as witnessed by their closest family and friends.

Because of this vision, they’re looking for a photographer who not only values marriage but who invests in them as a couple. A photographer who will get to know them as a couple, and grows a relationship to fully understand their vision for this most amazing and joyful day.

If that’s what your ideal client is looking for and that’s what greatness looks like on their wedding day, then it’s not just enough to show them beautiful examples of your work and slop some prices on your services page with a “book me” button at the bottom.

Instead, you have to guide them through the experience of what it will look and feel like to work with you.

On top of that, you have to make it clear you see their vision, their ultimate pain point that’s standing in their way of achieving that vision, and how you can be the solution to help them move forward and achieve the overall experience they want when searching for their dream photographer.

You don’t need to go through great dramatic steps to spell out your ideal clients pain point by point on your website, welcome guides or sales call.

But the reason you aren’t experiencing a deeper level of traction within your brand is because when your ideal client goes to your website or hears about your work on social media or from a friend, they don’t clearly understand how your brand fits in their journey.


If your ideal client can’t see how your brand is a solution to a pain point they are wrestling with, then I recommend you go back through your website, welcome guides, emails to inquiring clients, any touch points you’re sending out to clients and see if you’re making it clear just what they can expect to work with you and how that can impact them in the long run.

Examine whether or not you see your ideal clients pain points reflected and repeated back to them in a way that makes it clear you’re the solution they need in order to move forward.

If you’re going through this little self audit and you find you have a lot of pieces that are missing the mark, then that tells me it’s time to do some intentional digging, do the work, and spruce up those pieces so you can connect on a deeper level with your ideal clients


Once you dive into this self audit you might even find that your messaging, visuals and overarching brand strategy aren’t pulling their weight. In that case, I highly encourage you to get in touch so we can chat about how I could potentially help you elevate your brand through beautiful visuals and an intentional brand strategy.

I am always honored to partner with incredible creatives just like you to build heartfelt brands that are an intentional reflection of your life’s work.

And on top of that, I’m committed to no only building beautiful visuals for my clients, but also committed to building intentional strategies that position you as the go-to solution for your ideal clients pain points.

So if you find your brand is not resonating with your ideal clients because you’re not speaking to their pain points let’s chat!

I’d love for you to click here to schedule a complimentary consultation so we can chat more about how we can elevate your brand to resonate with your ideal clients time and time again. It would be such an amazing joy to partner with you to take your brand to heartfelt new heights in 2019.

*It’s also important for me to share, I’m only accepting 12 custom branding clients for the entire year, so if this is something you want to partner together to take your brand to the next level then I highly encourage you to get in touch soon!

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