How to Stand Out in a Saturated Design Industry (BSS is Open!)

April 18, 2019

Friend, I started my design business back in 2012 when there were fewer designers in the industry. All that to say, even way back when, I felt the pressure of building a design business that stood out in a sea of talented fellow designers.

I quickly learned that in order to differentiate my business in a way that felt unique and authentic to me, I needed to lean into a strong strategy process that allowed me to blend my design-loving side of my brain with the strategy-loving side of my brain to deliver incredible results for my custom brand design clients.

As a result, I was blown away to discover that by implementing a few simple steps I was absolutely able to change the way I stood out in a saturated design industry. And today I want to share with you exactly how you can do that too!

How to stand out in a saturated design industry and the benefits of a strategic brand strategy. | b is for bonnie design #brandstrategy #brandesigner


In my experience, the best way to stand out in a saturated design business alongside leaning into your design aesthetic is to embrace a specific approach to your design process that delivers powerful results to your ideal clients.

I believe that your strategy process is the most powerful and explosive way to make that happen.

Like I mentioned before, over the years I dug deep into building my own signature strategy process in such a way where I was confident not only in the results it could deliver for my clients, but how it could benefit and bless their business for years to come long after we wrapped up our project together.

Instead of inviting them into a branding experience that focused on pretty design decisions only, I invited them into a strategic brand design process that was going to craft a brand that was designed to endure.


Friend here is exactly how brand strategy can enable you to stand out as a designer.

You can confidently guide your clients through a proven process. When strategy is involved, we walk our clients through a clear formula that we have seen deliver results.

We confidently guide clients through a strategic approach instead of leaving things to chance or even second guessing our design decisions.

On top of that, we can design differently—when we choose to guide our clients through a proven brand strategy process, we are not just pulling in colors because we saw them on our clients Pinterest board or fonts because we bought this beautiful script font off Creative Market and we really want to use it.

Instead, we are backing all of our design decisions with clear strategy, tailoring the overall visual identity in such a way where it can help your clients hit their goals, reflect their message, and resonate with their ideal clients without even having to speak a word.

And that’s something to get excited about!


Next, it allows you to offer an elevated experience.

When you’re guiding you clients through a strategic process, you’re positioning yourself as a true professional—someone who knows what they are doing and who is invested in the quality of results you can deliver for your clients.

And because of that, your clients feel that way too. They understand that you’re guiding them through this process. They aren’t going to second guess you or constantly send you emails wondering what’s next. They will trust your approach because you’re walking them through it step by step in a way that is as polished and professional as you are.


And finally, brand strategy enables you to stand out because you can deliver consistent results. When you are choosing to design differently and to infuse your process with brand strategy, you’re able to transform the kinds of results your clients can see.

In return, your clients can expect positive growth on their bottom line, book more of their ideal clients, and at the bare minimum, they can expect the benefit of feeling more confidence and clarity within their process.

Now I don’t know about you, but that’s something that’s packed with potential and has so much benefit to offer you and your clients, friend!

The Brand Strategy School Details

I see you friend. You’re a talented brand designer who feels the weight of trying to stand out in a saturated industry. On top of that, you’re wrestling to connect with your ideal clients time and time again. You’ve mastered the technique and skill it takes to design beautiful brands down to the final anchor point, but it’s time to master the process you need to stand out from the crowd and wow your ideal clients as you craft strategic, heartfelt brands!

I’m so excited to peel back the curtain on my signature brand development process I’ve used to transform my business from blending in and barely making it to thriving and crafting heartfelt brands that authentically convert for my clients.

And I’m teaching you everything I know so you can stand out in a saturated industry, guide your clients through a proven strategy process, and craft heartfelt brands that are designed to endure.


This 5-week course features weekly videos, actionable worksheets, branding and strategy resources, along with weekly live coaching calls!

During our time together you can expect to learn:

  • A one-of-a-kind brand strategy process to immediately implement within your own business as you guide your clients through an approach that delivers intentional results.
  • The tools to help your branding clients identify the core of their brand, hone their ideal clients, craft their brand voice, and design a visual identity that’s made to endure. Plus, you’ll walk away with my mission statement formula, a swipe file of my signature brand development workbook, my master resource guide, and my formula for acing sales calls every time!
  • A true sense of brand clarity within your own business, an intimate understanding of your ideal clients, and the know-how to connect with them authentically.
  • And the ability to market your services differently as you craft a brand that cuts through the noise and stands out in a saturated industry.

The Brand Strategy School is official open today! You can register here with a one time payment of $895 or 3 easy payments of $307.

If you’re still on the fence and wondering what exactly is all included then I’d love to invite you to come hang out with me live for my free training: My Go-To Formula for Building Purposeful and Profitable Brands where you can ask me any and all of your questions!

April 23rd at 11:00am CST!

I’ll teach you the three secrets to crafting brands that authentically convert like:

Secret #1: How to utilize the brand development process to transform the brands you build

Secret #2: How to guide your clients through this strategy process without a marketing degree or prior experience

Secret #3: And how to leverage this strategy process to market yourself differently

Or if you’re ready to sign up today you can register here:

One Time Payment of $895

3 Payments of $307

How to stand out in a saturated design industry and the benefits of a strategic brand strategy. | b is for bonnie design #brandstrategy #brandesigner

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