31 go-to business resources to grow your business

June 3, 2019

Today is the day, sweet friend, and I’m so excited to start the week with some big exciting news! You have the opportunity to purchase my Brand Strategy Bundle—a page straight out of my signature strategy process to elevate your design business and deliver unmatched results for your clients—for less than $100.

But the even bigger news?!

With that single purchase, you’ll also receive 30 go-to resources to grow your business in a way that I wish I had when I started my business seven years ago!

How you might ask?

31 go-to business resources to help grow your business for less than $100. | b is for bonnie design #entrepreneur #brandstrategy


The Entrepreneurship Bundle is a curated collection of 31 online courses on entrepreneurship for less than what you’d normally pay for one. You will learn everything from how to set up you business legally to branding, content marketing, social media, building a lucrative email list, influencer marketing, PR and so much more. This bundle of courses will give you every single tool you need to start and run a successful business for less than $100.

Starting on Monday, June 3rd at 8am EST through Tuesday, June 11th at 11:59pm PST these 31 go-to resources are yours for only $99.50. And then, this offer is never coming back!


So without further ado, here are the 31 go-to resources you’ll receive for less than $100 that will propel your business forward and help you become an expert in your favorite topic:

  1. My Brand Strategy Bundle – a page straight out of my signature strategy process to elevate your design business and deliver unmatched results for your clients
  2. Jenna Kutcher’s The Podcast Lab
  3. Justin & Mary’s Business Essentials Course
  4. Megan Martin’s Sales Pages that Convert
  5. Gala Darling’s Radical Rituals: Abundance Classa class that helps you heal your mindset in regards to money and teaches you how to bust through blocks to profit! SIGN ME UP!
  6. Ashlyn Carter’s The Ed Cal Launch Blueprint
  7. Rachel Paul’s SEO Basics
  8. Crystal Hollman’s The Flatlay Method
  9. Nancy Ray Photography’s The Internship Bundle
  10. Something Social’s Instagram Strategy for Business
  11. Kayla Marie’s Pindepth: Advanced Pinterest Marketing for Business
  12. Sandra Coan’s Content Marketing
  13. Superlearner’s Passive Income Powerhouse
  14. Koereylee’s How to Build a Lucrative Email List
  15. Brittany Castro’s Money Class
  16. Ilise Benum’s Pick a Niche Kit
  17. Molly Marshall’s Hashtag Camp
  18. College Nutritionist’s Beat the Algorithm
  19. Salma Sheriff’s Graphic Design Rockstar
  20. Emilia Ohrtman’s Squarespace Start Up
  21. Lipstick and Pixels’s WP Savvy
  22. Kimi Kinsey’s Designing with Typography
  23. Sara Anna Powers with 5 Days to Captivating Copy
  24. Christa Rene’s Manual Mode Course
  25. Tammy Cannon’s Facebook Ads Masterclass
  26. Aurora Automations’s 12 Step Bot Mastery Course
  27. Lynne G Caine’s Become a Blog Boss
  28. HerPaperRoute’s Blog Flipping Masterclass
  29. PR Couture’s PR Accelerator
  30. Your Social Team’s Influencer Marketing Done Right
  31. Solopreneursidekick’s Webinar Tech Guide

I’m already looking at this list and can’t wait to start at least three of these courses. But here’s the best part, if you look at this list and only want to dive into one of these go-to resources, then your $99.50 is STILL money well spent.

Call this a business investment of a lifetime!

I can only imagine you on the other side of the screen saying to me, okay Bonnie this sounds too good to be true, what’s the catch?

Here’s the thing, my friends over at The Bundle Co. have created this opportunity for you because we want to help you become an expert in your favorite topic and achieve your goals without having to spend thousands of dollars in order to do so.

Investing in yourself and your business is something that I wholeheartedly believe as entrepreneurs we need to do. But I can completely relate if you’re in a season where investing in yourself in between all the client work and bills can become a bit overwhelming.

That’s why I’ve teamed up with Bundle Co. to help put these 31 go-to resources together and in your hands.

For more details on each resource,  head here to learn more!

So what are you waiting for?! Go Sign Up, friend!

Get 31 go-to resources for less than $100!

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