How to consistently book clients at high price points

August 27, 2019

As part of the Heartfelt Brand Society Series

There’s something equally exciting and intimidating about raising your prices and inviting clients to connect with you at exclusive rates, right? Raising your prices and offering a high-level of experience to high-end clients as a growing entrepreneur can be an intimidating process, but it doesn’t have to feel like a process of trial and error.

How to consistently book clients at high price points. | b is for bonnie design #heartfeltbrandsociety #idealclient

Today, I want to introduce you to Sarah—a hugely talented brand and web designer based here in Texas. Sarah and I started working together earlier this year as part of my six-month group coaching and mastermind program, the Heartfelt Brand Society.

When she first joined, Sarah was dreaming of raising her prices, consistently inviting her clients to a high-end experience, and making an intentional pivot from what had been a highly lucrative service, and niching down to offer primarily brand and web design services instead.

As you can imagine, lots of change and growth, right? Sarah came to me in a big season of transition and I was honored to be able to walk alongside her during that season.

But more than just the business goals Sarah wanted us to walk through, she also wanted to explore how she could enter the 2019 as the best version of herself. Sarah said:

“I had just wrapped up a season of hustle—more like overwhelm—and was seeking a healthier balance in my year of ‘self’. I wanted to continue taking steps towards a more profitable business while working less. My vision was to give more focused attention to fewer clients at a higher price point, ultimately building more time back into my schedule.”

The work we were doing together was more than just professional, it was also personal. It was work that allowed Sarah to build a profitable and sustainable business, but work that she could do in a way that didn’t sacrifice her sense of self to the constant hustle.

Together, Sarah and I focused on implementing intentional pricing strategies that allowed her to consistently book high-end clients at an increasing price point.

Once we implemented that pricing strategy, Sarah was so encouraged to see the dramatic positive response from her inquiring clients. In her own words she joyfully shares:

“I’m consistently booking at my highest price points ever. Even more importantly, I feel confident in the value of the services I’m offering.”

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Friend, Sarah’s story isn’t a success story reserved for someone else. This growth, intentional personal and professional development are absolutely attainable for you, too!

Sarah and I worked together through her time as a member of the Heartfelt Brand Society in order to help her successfully execute a big pivot within her business as she transitioned away from her highly successful wedding stationary offerings and instead positioned herself as a talented, go-to expert in the brand and web design community.

More than successfully executing that pivot, I’m so honored to share that Sarah has financially reaped the benefits tenfold from the work that we did together. 

In her own words:

“Bonnie’s wisdom allowed me to lean on an expert in moments of uncertainty. Instead of stressing about client emails or overthinking my pricing strategies I was able to ask an expert and receive thoughtful advice from someone who knows and cares about my business. That alone saved me so much time, stress, and overwhelm, allowing me to pour more of my best self back into my business and my personal life.”

The Heartfelt Brand Society

Friend, to me, the Heartfelt Brand Society is not some one-size fits all six-month group coaching experience where you sign up and your on your own. As a 2w1 on the enneagram, I am fiercely dedicated to pouring my best encouragement and best advice into every single member who joins this close-knit relational experience.

I focused on giving Sarah the tools and support she needed in order to focus on how she could be her best self through her business and also through her personal life. To me, that’s what matters most over the six months that we work together.

That is the kind of growth and work I would love to offer you.

Doors for my signature six-month group coaching program, the Heartfelt Brand Society, are currently open and there is a spot just for you.

You can Apply Here!

If you are new to the HBS experience, then let me introduce you to the approach as a whole.

This is an intentional six-month mastermind and group coaching experience designed to empower you as you take your business to heartfelt new heights, through a deep sense of brand clarity, actionable strategy, and dependable accountability. 

This program is for you if you’re just getting started as an entrepreneur or you are a seasoned pro looking to uplevel your business as you tenaciously chase after big beautiful new goals.

We’re kicking off this program on September 10th through February 2020. Personally, I’m so excited that we get to walk through the rest of 2019 and enter into a brand new year in 2020 with so much clarity and already having the gift and ability to see progress towards 2020 goals—which is amazing. 

I feel we get to bypass all the traditional goal setting craziness and holiday hustle and instead walk alongside each other in what can be a very tough season—personally and professionally —with clarity.

So sweet friend, will you join me?!

To apply and receive a 1:1 call with me to see if the Heartfelt Brand Society is a good fit for you and this season of your business, head here!

To ready more of Sarah’s story, tune into the Brand Strategy Podcast, here!

To read more about the Heartfelt Brand Society, lives changed, and the experience as a whole, head here!

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