My biggest tip for writing sales pages that convert

August 13, 2019

Writing sales pages that authentically convert with your ideal clients can often feel like a massive mystery. You know there’s a “right” way to do it, but what is that right way? How do you know if your sales pages are actually converting?

HINT: you should be getting clients from them!

So how can you put together a sales page—even if you’re not a copywriter—that conveys your brand message and gets the sale at the same time?

Friend, today I want to share with you my biggest and easiest tip to writing sales pages that convert. No copywriting experience required. And on top of that, I will walk you through why your sales pages aren’t currently resonating with your ideal clients.

So pour yourself a second cup of coffee, grab your favorite notebook and let’s get to it.

My biggest tip for writing sales pages that convert! | b is for bonnie design #brandmessaging #salespage #brandstrategy


Before we talk about writing sales pages that convert, we need to understand why current sales pages aren’t driving the leads you want to see.

My guess is that despite all the great information you’re sharing on your sales or services page, you’re not clearly communicating how this offer or service fits into their life. They might be getting bogged down in the details, confused by unclear messaging, or losing interest because there’s so much copy on your sales or services page.

But don’t worry, that’s totally fixable.

One of the steps I guide my students through inside my six-month group coaching program—the Heartfelt Brand Society—is the exact formula to writing sales and services pages that truly convert. 

On top of that, we walk through how to implement that step-by-step formula into their current sales and services pages so they each move forward with a powerfully converting sales page.

And today, I want to share a page out of that process with you!


If you’re putting yourself in your ideal clients shoes, what would you want to know about your service or offering that would make you click “buy” or inquire about working together?

Chances are you would want to instantly and clearly understand how this work fits into your journey as a person and an entrepreneur.

And that’s the mindset we need to have when writing our sales pages.

We need to answer any and all questions that your ideal client might have when it comes to how your offer can help them.

Think of this journey together as a transformation. When they choose to work with you, what is the exact journey you will take them through?


If we’re breaking this down the easiest way to think of it is like this: how can you clearly outline how your offer can help clients get from Point A to Point B?

Let’s say that Point A is where your ideal client currently is. And let’s be honest, Point A usually stinks. They currently have questions, they’re struggling, they have goals that aren’t being met. I mean that’s why they’re on your sales page in the first place, right?

Point B is where they dream of going! It’s the transformation. There’s something standing in their way of achieving success and that’s where your offer and your work comes in. Point B is this beautiful place where their dreams come true and their goals are being met. 

You’re going to help them get from Point A to Point B.


If you’re familiar with Building a Storybrand by Donald Miller this is exactly what he teaches when he says, we need to position ourselves as the guide to your client’s hero journey.

What does this look like in action?

When someone lands on your sales page, they need to understand what you do, who it’s for, and how it fits into their journey.

They need to understand how you will take them from Point A to Point B—from where they are currently struggling to where they are dreaming of going.

A lot of times the transformation is what gets lost in translation.


When I first started working with many of my group coaching students, many of their sales pages had simple, but thankfully fixable, mistakes.

The most common mistake was that they spent so much time and energy on the details about what their work, product, and services included that they forgot to spend as much time on the transformation that their work provided.

If you are a wedding photographer and you’re taking your couples from feeling shy and awkward in front of the camera (Point A) to feeling their most relaxed and joyful self in front of the camera (Point B)—that’s a transformation you need to talk about.

Your potential couples are going to be more interested in knowing that transformation then in how many hours of coverage a certain package includes.

You can always talk about how many hours your package includes when you have a potential couple on a sales call, but if you’re ever going to get them off your website and onto a sales call we need to inspire a connection that they feel they can trust you to deliver the experience on the journey they are looking for.

If you’re a copywriter, the transformation you’re taking your clients on is the pain and frustration out of clunky words that don’t convert and you’re connecting them with authentic, warm copy that truly resonates with their ideal clients.

There are so many examples we could go through friend, but I hope you’re getting the picture. 

We need to clearly outline how your offer gets your clients from Point A to Point B.

If you’re ready to take your sales and services pages from moderately successful to strategically converting, then I would love to invite you to add your name below to join the Heartfelt Brand Society—my six-month group coaching and mastermind experience. 

Sales strategy and masterful messaging are just a few of the topics we cover over the course of our six months together and if you know you have a powerful offer to share with your ideal client, but it’s not resonating, I am here to help you walk through this journey so you can get your work in front of your ideal clients authentically.

Doors are opening to the Heartfelt Brand Society so very soon and I would love to have you gain exclusive access to apply to join the program early as part of the waitlist.

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