Are you committing entrepreneurial self-sabotage?

September 26, 2019

Friend, it’s time we have a little conversation about a very common form of entrepreneurial self-sabotage that is making its rounds in the creative community.

You know the kinds of self-sabotage I’m talking about. It’s the kind where instead of having clear systems in place to help you streamline your business and work efficiently, you’re wasting precious hours every single day having your hands in all aspects of your business.

Do you know what I’m talking about?

If you’re in a season of business where you’re constantly doing all the things: hitting send on every email, the one painstakingly putting together proposals for your clients, and you’re still copy and pasting together contracts to send to a new client—then I hate to break it to you but you are standing in your own way.

Are you committing entrepreneurial self-sabotage? Find out here! | b is for bonnie design #entrepreneur #creative


If we’re being honest, our time is our most valuable resource.

It’s one of the resources we only have a limited amount of and one we can’t get more of. Once our time is gone, it’s gone.

I don’t share that to scare you. I share that to encourage you to transform the way you’re currently working.

I believe in this current season of business you’re probably spending more time than you should on mindless and nonessential tasks. If you’re the one still going through a hands-on process to onboard your clients or you’re the one who is going back-and-forth trading dozens of emails with someone just trying to find a time to hop on a sales call—then those are simple nonessential uses of your time that are robbing you of the opportunity to be spending that time on something valuable.


One exercise I encourage you to try is to spend one week tracking your time. (A free and super easy tool to use is Toggl.)

By doing this, explore where your time is going. How much of that time is actually spent on your highest point of contribution within your business? How much of that time is spent doing tasks that aren’t moving the needle forward in your business?

If you’re spending so much of your time every single week and every month on simple steps that can be automated, then I’m going to introduce you to a tool that is going to change your life.


If I think back to years ago when I was still in that bootstrapping mentality where I was doing everything the hard way and going the DIY route, I know I spent more time than I needed simply onboarding my clients. Not to mention doing things that were necessary for every project I took on like creating and sending timelines, and sending questionnaires.

But all of that time added up. And that’s time I could have spent actively designing for my clients, serving them well, generating new ideas, or streamlining my services. 

You see if I can go back in time, I would tell myself exactly what I’m telling you today, girl get yourself a free HoneyBook trial!


HoneyBook is my client relationship management (CRM) tool that literally does everything in my business for me.

It’s the tool I use to handle my contracts, invoicing, client onboarding, not to mention I use it to walk my clients through automated and semi-automated workflows that help them get all the info and worksheets they need in order to kick off our time together with a huge amount of intention.

As a result, I’m spending little to no time in my inbox. My clients have no questions about how my process works or what the next steps are because it’s all clearly laid out for them inside their client portal in HoneyBook.

The client portal is a gorgeous hub where they can log in and see all the emails we’ve ever sent to each other all in one place. They can view their payment plan, any outstanding questionnaires they need to complete and the worksheets they’ve already done. Having this client portal is a game changer.


HoneyBook is not only where I manage my project management, but it’s also how I manage things with the various services I offer through b is for bonnie design.

It’s how I’m able to track my incredible attendees of the Illume Retreat. And to keep it all organized HoneyBook has this great feature where you can have multiple “brands” within one  account so I can keep my branding clients and Illume attendee projects separate, but under one cohesive HoneyBook account. 

So if you’re a multi-passionate entrepreneur like I am, you don’t have to sign up for multiple accounts for all of your businesses. 


Another feature I use often and absolutely love is the reports section inside HoneyBook.

On our Q3 team call we dove into these reports to look at lead generators for any given time period, what our most profitable quarters are, what our highest referral sources were, and what our numbers look like for a specific time period. Rather than going through a complicated spreadsheet I can access that information in a matter of seconds.

So when it’s time to hop on that quarterly team call I hop into HoneyBook, run a few reports and we have all the numbers we need.

If you’ve been spending your time doing the wrong things because you have a lack of systems in place, then friend I highly recommend you get connected with the only CRM tool I believe you’ll ever need to do business with intention. 

Ditch the overwhelm and start working smarter instead of harder, sweet friend. 

HoneyBook saves me hours every single month on every client project I take on—from my branding clients to my group coaching gals—and I have a special offer just for you.

If you sign up for a free trial using this link, you not only can try HoneyBook completely free for 7 days—but if you fall in love with it like I know you will—you can save $200 off your very first year. 

Click here to get started!

Are you committing entrepreneurial self-sabotage? Find out here! | b is for bonnie design #entrepreneur #creative

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