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December 12, 2019

Friends, I am so excited to introduce you to one of the most life-giving brand reveals I had the pleasure of working with in 2019. Let me introduce you to Ellen, the creative force and sustainable lifestyle guru behind The Intentional Hippie

If you’re someone who has dreamed of living a more sustainable lifestyle, but you feel overwhelmed and don’t know where to start The Intentional Hippie is your one-stop shop for all things sustainability.

From green living tips, to easy and affordable swaps, to prioritizing how to make your household carbon footprint a bit kinder to the earth, Ellen breaks down this lifestyle change in a way that makes it so easy to take action. I’ve learned so much—not only working with Ellen through her rebrand and custom Showit 5 website design—but also following along on her blog after her launch.


Ellen reached out to me earlier this year to go through not only a full visual update, but also to really refine the strategy behind her brand. At the time, she was blogging under a totally different name, but knew her blog wasn’t resonating with her ideal readers in the way she wanted it to. Ellen is someone who takes the idea of sustainability and approaches it in a way that doesn’t feel elitist, overwhelming or like it’s a part-time job on top of your already busy schedule.

She already knew rebranding to The Intentional Hippie was going to be the best fit for her and she wanted that name change to come along with a beautiful, new blog that made it easy for her to share green living tips, sustainability and lifestyle content that resonated with her readers. 


Working with Ellen to craft a polished and elevated aesthetic for The Intentional Hippie brand was such a joy. We wanted to create an identity that didn’t feel like your traditional green-living blog, but rather something that resonated with the modern woman. Someone who wanted to pursue the idea of dipping their toe into the world of sustainability without sacrificing style. And because of that, we wanted to introduce a more elevated, joyful and refined approach.

Through a muted color palette of soft blues, pops of blush, and neutrals paired with a gorgeous handwritten script that inspires a personal feel, I focused on pulling in visual details that paired intentionally with Ellen’s message without detracting from the power of her tips and words.

Together we pulled in some beautiful details through her branding standards like a simple daisy sketch that holds a special place in Ellen’s heart. From her intuitive and easy-to-navigate custom Showit 5 website and her elevated visual identity, working with Ellen to nail down a refined experience for The Intentional Hippie brand was nothing short of a dream come true. 

In Ellen’s own words, here’s what she had to say about working together:

“Massive thanks to Bonnie for creating the brand identity of my dreams. She took my idea for creating a one-stop shop for creating a simple, sustainable, and intentional life and created this beautiful brand that I’ve been dying to show you all. She hit right at the heart of everything I believe in: practical, dependable tips, quality over quantity, and simple intentionality.”

In my experience, I’ve seen so many bloggers buy into the mentality that in order to grow their blog they have to bootstrap everything. And while I do think every blogger starts at that place of DIYing their own blog and whipping up a logo from scratch in Photoshop, as you begin to scale your blog and find new ways to work with brands, grow your readership, and elevate your social media presence it’s such a wise move to invest in professional branding in order to get your message out in front of your ideal clients.

On Ellen’s Instagram she shared more about what this new brand means to her:

“But, even more than being stunningly gorgeous (thanks to the amazing Bonnie), The Intentional Hippie is so close to my heart because of what it represents: Intentional living. Simple, small changes. Sustainability without sacrifice.”

Make 2020 the Year to Elevate your Brand

That sweet friends makes this experience of working with Ellen and elevating The Intentional Hippie brand an absolute dream come true.

If you’re dreaming of making 2020 the year you elevate your business, whether you’re a service provider or a blogger, I’d love to chat with you about making that a reality. Together we can take your brand to heartfelt new heights and woo your ideal clients so you can confidently charge a higher price point and love everything your brand represents.

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