The Truth No One Tells You About Your 2020 Goals

January 7, 2020

As we walk into this beautiful new year together, I’m sure goal setting is on your mind. In the entrepreneurial world it feels as if everyone is talking about the big, bold goals they’re chasing after in 2020. But there’s something I want to tell you that others won’t: there might be something wrong about your goals planning process.

Now hear me out, friend. We need to have an honest conversation about the biggest truth no one is willing to share about your goals as you head into this beautiful new season. 

In our industry, we spend so much time and energy buying products to help make goal setting easier or we attend workshops to teach us “how to set goals the right way”. We sit and scroll through our best, most inspirational, goal-oriented hashtags on Instagram to help get all the ideas of what we should be chasing after in the new year. But realistically, we’re turning our focus for how to craft our best goals outward—searching for ideas, inspiration, and insight—that we’re actually missing a powerful opportunity to look inward and glean the most truth from ourselves.

Keep on reading to discover the biggest reason I believe your 2020 goals need a loving hit of reality.

The hard truth no one will tell you about your 2020 goals | We need to have an honest conversation about the biggest truth no one is willing to share about your goals as you head into this beautiful new season. | b is for bonnie design #goalsetting #goals

The hard truth no one will tell you about your 2020 goals

So here’s the truth, friend. What no one is willing to tell you about your 2020 goals—but I am because we’re friends here and friends tell friends the hard truth so they can grow—is that you’re going to fail. 

I know, that feels harsh but it’s a fact. 

You are going to fail.

As you move into this new year you’re going to have goals on your to-do list and dreams on your vision board that you don’t hit and bring to life. 

But it doesn’t end there. Your failures do not define you.

Although failure is a given, it does NOT correlate to your success, your ability to scale your business, or your ability to grow.

What matters most here is how you reframe those failures. 


I’m a big believer that the industry leaders you look up to—the people you love to listen to on your Podcast app or the books you buy the minute they hit the shelf—have all encountered big and small failures.

But they didn’t let those failures keep them down. If they allowed that to happen, they wouldn’t be writing National Bestsellers, crafting chart-topping podcasts, or appearing on the stage at the latest conference you attended.

Instead, they chose to do one thing dramatically different: they reframed their relationship with failure.

This my friend, is the true marker of a tenacious, successful creative. Instead of looking at failure and asking yourself, what does this say about me? We need to turn the conversation away from how failure defines your worth, success, or ability as an entrepreneur and instead focus on what that failure can teach you.

If you allow yourself to build a gentle relationship with failure that makes all the difference. Instead of feeling defined by how many failures you experience, look at what lessons those failure can bring into your life.

How can you grow from your failure?

How can you rise from those facedown moments?


Sitting in this mindset is where you will see the most growth in this beautiful new year. 

Now, I’m not sharing this “you will fail” mindset to be a Debbie downer bum you for what the 2020 season will bring. I’m sharing this with you to encourage you that you have endless possibility in how you grow this year.

Your failures, successes, the areas where you maybe just missed the mark. Those things are not going to speak to your worth as an entrepreneur and they don’t speak to your ability to grow either.

This all boils down to how you reframe your relationship with failure. Failure is not a measure of success or ability, but instead a teaching opportunity to really tap into how high you can go.


If this is something you’re ready to dive deeper into in 2020, then I’m excited to share you don’t have to walk this journey alone. I’m honored to fill this role within the lives of the incredibly tenacious and talented women who are a part of my six-month group coaching program, the Heartfelt Brand Society.

For me, it’s more than guiding these women through my insight over the past eight years as a designer and strategist.  And it’s more than just teaching them the strategies they need to grow their businesses and pursue that “what’s next” goal on their own terms. I’m truly honored to be their sounding board and the person who walks alongside them as they navigate failures. 

It is a humbling joy to serve as the person who helps these women look at tough situations or a dream that didn’t come to fruition and access what that experience can teach them. And from some of those moments, I’ve seen my group coaching gals experience a deeper level of growth and experience brighter and bolder levels of success then they originally anticipated. 

If that sounds like the relationship you’re looking for in 2020, I’ve got some good news for you. Doors for the Heartfelt Brand Society are reopening in early 2020 and I want you to be on the list. 

There are only a handful of spots available. I would be honored to walk alongside you in the coming months. Pop your name below to be added to the waitlist and be the first to know when doors swing open. 

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The hard truth no one will tell you about your 2020 goals | We need to have an honest conversation about the biggest truth no one is willing to share about your goals as you head into this beautiful new season. | b is for bonnie design #goalsetting #goals

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