How to Feel More Confident as a Designer

May 12, 2020

Over the last eight years I’ve worked with fellow designers and strategists to grow their businesses through education, mentoring and the Brand Strategy School—I’ve learned one of the biggest pain points hands down for designers just like you is confidence.

And to be honest, it’s no surprise. The work we do as designers is oftentimes very creative and can be vulnerable. We are looking inward—from the depths of our creativity—and bringing into the world designs that tell a story and make an impact in the lives of our client’s businesses.

It’s all too easy for us to feel hyper aware of the quality of work that we’re producing. And it can be all too easy to be overly critical of ourselves as well, am I right?

But more than the quality of the design work we’re doing, I’ve noticed that so many designers feel this deep seated sense of insecurity when it comes to calling themselves an expert.

And I believe that all boils down to this idea that we do not feel confident in our work.

One of the biggest things I see fellow designers and branding professionals struggle with is their confidence because the work we do comes from a vulnerable place of creativity. But I believe there are a few simple ways to boost that confidence and step into the expert that you are. | b is for bonnie design

I can honestly say that even with eight years of experience, I still feel like I’m learning and growing my confidence as a designer and strategist.

Inside my five week course for designers—the Brand Strategy School—the number one thing I see many incredible designers and branding professionals struggle with is confidence.

And let me tell you, these designers have the ability and business savviness that should make them so confident in the work that they do. Yet they feel like there’s a piece of the puzzle that’s missing.


First of all, friend, I want you to know that in order to experience more confidence as a designer, you first have to know that you’re not alone.

It’s okay to feel like you don’t have it all together. It’s okay to feel like you’re still learning and growing, but that doesn’t have to negatively impact your sense of self, your self worth, or your confidence and ability.

As a designer, there are a few simple steps you can take in order to build more confidence.

One is super simple and it honestly boils down to giving yourself the space to make mistakes.

I’ve learned more from the mistakes I’ve made, then I’ve learned from all of my wins and successes combined.


Because my mistakes and failures have created unique learning opportunities that allow me to discover a new and better way of doing things.


Carve out time in your schedule to create and design just for yourself. Give yourself room to play and simply create, even if it isn’t your best work.

Not everything you put out into the world is going to be amazing and that’s okay. But giving yourself that creative freedom to play and try something new is going to allow you to flex that creativity muscle once again.

And as you go, that will help you feel more confident in your ability when you’re working with your design clients.


On top of that, don’t be afraid to ask for help. There are so many great Facebook Groups and Instagram accounts out there full of fellow design experts where you can turn to for advice when you have questions.

Whether you’re trying to figure out how to nail a design in Illustrator or you’re figuring out how to lay things out in InDesign, there are some fantastic resources at your disposal.

Oftentimes, when we find ourselves in seasons where we’re struggling with our confidence as designers, it’s because we’ve unintentionally isolated ourselves from others.

It’s easy for us to continue this narrative in our minds when we’re in those weeks of struggle where we feel like it’s always going to be this hard. But if you’re able to open yourself up, ask for feedback, ask for advice, and get some help—then you’re able to see the truth. And the truth is that not all is lost. There’s always hope. And what you’re doing is great.

One of my favorite things about the Brand Strategy School is our private Facebook community. We have an incredible group of designers, strategists and branding pros who more than anything are there for each other.

I love this Facebook Group because it gives us an opportunity to cheer each other on when we’re having rough weeks, when we’re struggling with a creative block, or maybe when we’re handling a client that is less than ideal.

The beauty of community is that I’ve seen my students help each other grow through these struggles simply because they know they’re not alone.

So please don’t feel like you have to be alone, either.

My encouragement for the three ways to build more confidence would be: Give yourself the room to make mistakes. Give yourself space to play. And don’t feel like you have to go it alone.


And lastly, be willing to invest in yourself and allow others to pour encouragement into your gifts and talents.

One of the things I teach inside the Brand Strategy School is how to position yourself as an expert in order to guide your clients with confidence and clarity through your brand strategy process.

This is a method I include in my signature brand development process because I see it as such a need within our industry in order to build our confidence so that we’re able to not only do more of the work that we love—but we’re also able to better guide our clients through our processes.

As designers, when you feel confident, it radiates out of you and your clients also feel confident. But when you’re feeling insecure and you’re struggling, that impacts the quality of work you’re able to do and it impacts the quality experience you’re able to offer to your clients.

By investing in yourself and giving yourself the opportunity to build up your confidence is a gift you and your clients deserve.

Taking time to learn through done-for-you resources can make your brand strategy process more streamlined, give you more time to pour into each and every one of your clients, and give you the confidence in your ability to continually build a profitable and sustainable business.

If you’re ready to take that next step and continually build your confidence and your ability as a designer, then I’ve created a totally free Netflix-style masterclass where I am breaking down the three most common mistakes graphic designers and branding professionals make that keep them from sustainably scaling their income.

So if you’re ready to kick those mistakes to the curb and learn how you can build your confidence AND 3X your income without taking on more branding clients, then save your seat for this free training!

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One of the biggest things I see fellow designers and branding professionals struggle with is their confidence because the work we do comes from a vulnerable place of creativity. But I believe there are a few simple ways to boost that confidence and step into the expert that you are. | b is for bonnie design

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