How Branded Print Collateral Elevates Your Visual Brand

October 25, 2021

If you’ve been following my branding work for any length of time, you’ve probably noticed that I design a plethora of high-end stationery. Your girl LOVES a letterpress stationery suite or an unexpected pop of gold foil! Through printing methods like foil stamping, letterpress, and blind letterpress, I’m able to create branded print collateral for my sweet clients that truly enables them to stand out. 

Now, in a digital age that prioritizes responsive websites and social media accounts with high engagement, you might wonder why you should even bother to include branded print collateral as part of your visual presence, right?

Friend, I’m here to share that print is NOT dead, and why you should utilize it to elevate your brand! Keep on reading for the full scoop 😉

Leveraging Branded Print Collateral to Elevate Your Visual Brand

The Science Behind Sensory Experiences

My argument in favor of weaving more print collateral throughout your brand presence is simple yet powerful, friend.

Using print pieces—like business cards and stationery—builds a strong neurological connection in the mind of your potential client. Why? Because you’re providing a sensory experience that demands that person—whomever you give your printed collateral—engage with you and your brand.

Although I can’t explain the science behind it all (I’m no neurosurgeon, after all), I do know that our brains are wired to create deeper patterns and connections with any sensory experience we encounter than an experience that does not engage us in a sensory way. So, handing someone a business card that feels impressive in their hand, that incorporates color strategically, and is visually pleasing to the eye makes more of a lasting impression (literally) than sending them to your website alone.

Our Emotions are Tied to Visuals

On top of creating a stronger neurological connection with you and your brand, branded print collateral inspires emotion within people. In fact, color itself can evoke specific perceptions that can give way to emotional responses! Plus, the type of printing method you use or the quality of the stock you print on can inspire a sense of excitement, intrigue, or a similar emotion as people engage with that tangible piece.

A Unique Way to Stand Out in the Digital Age

As if those reasons weren’t enough, using print throughout your brand also creates a tactile touchpoint that truly stands out. Like I mentioned earlier, so much of our creative industry and the world around us is digital. From apps to websites to social media, we spend so much time engaging with others from behind a screen. So, if we want to create a memorable experience, we have to be a little bit different.

Branded print collateral can be an engaging way to guide clients through your booking process as you introduce them to your packages and pricing, carefully helping them select the right one for their needs. Something like receiving a handwritten note in the mail after booking with you can make your clients feel truly valued. Plus, with the holidays right around the corner, print assets are a fantastic way to surprise and delight your community!

An example of branded print collateral in action

One of my favorite recent examples of print collateral truly elevating a brand is my design for Rachel Solomon Photography. We took her gorgeous, refined, and modern brand, and translated it into elegant physical touchpoints for her clients. Check out her full brand reveal to see it all come together!

Curious to see how branded print collateral could elevate your brand?

Contrary to what one of my college professors told me in an intro-level journalism class, print is not dead. Print is an art form that we are constantly redefining and reimagining as we explore creative, memorable ways to weave it throughout your brand presences and our client experiences. And print absolutely has the potential to elevate your brand to heartfelt new heights!

If you’re curious about what it would be like to work together to design a high-end stationery suite to elevate your brand, then let’s chat, lovely! Very few openings in my 2021 design calendar remain, and 2022 is already starting to book up. I’d love to chat more to see how I could serve you well as we move into the new year!


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