Episode 204: Does your brand position you as an expert?

December 1, 2021

Is your brand doing the heavy lifting you deserve, in positioning you as an expert? After almost 10 years in the industry, I’ve learned a thing or two about creating this type of brand that helps you stand out and position you as the sought after expert that you are. In today’s episode, we’re working through how to discover if your brand is as purposeful and profitable as it can be.

Are You Creating Impact?

When you look at the overlap between purpose and profit, we find impact. You have the potential to have incredible impact in the lives of your customers. Purposeful and profitable brands can transform your clients, your life, and your business’ bottom line.

When you focus on creating this type of brand, it’s transformative, but it takes a lot of work. I don’t want this to feel like a mystery, so if you’re ready to step into this level of growth, I’ve created a free quiz just for you.

In this free quiz, you’ll be able to outline the current bottlenecks that are keeping you from experiencing this unparalleled level of growth in your brand and what you can do to bypass them altogether.

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Hi, friends and welcome to the brand strategy podcast. A show created to equip you with the inspiration, encouragement, and clarity. You need to build the brand of your dreams. I’m your host, Bonnie Bakhtiari brand designer, strategist, and founder of the land retreat from sustainable strategy to part felt encouragement. Each episode is designed to equip you with the tools you need to chase after your dreams, because you deserve a brand that empowers you to do what you love, connects with your dream clients and offers a deep sense of fulfillment along the way. So grab a cup of coffee and join me on this journey. Won’t you?

Hey friends, welcome back to the brand strategy podcast, where today we are having a conversation all about how to tell if your brand is positioning you as the expert that you are. So today’s episode is especially for my service providers out there, my creatives who are offering an incredible service and experience to your clients. And you’re wondering if your brand is doing the heavy lifting for you, that you deserve, that it’s empowering you to consistently connect with your ideal clients, charge premium rates for your services and stand out as the total pro that you are now over the almost 10 years. Now that I have been a brand designer and strategist, and I’ve worked with entrepreneurs just like you to craft strategic elevated brands, I’ve definitely learned a thing or two about what it takes to create this kind of brand that stands out and positions you as the sought after expert that you are.

And at the core of it, I really do believe that it comes down to impact. When we look at the overlap between purpose and profit, if we’re kind of envisioning that these are two circles that are a part of a Venn diagram, where that overlap exists, that sweet spot is impact. And through the work that you do, whether you are a wedding planner or a photographer or a shop owner, you have the potential to have an incredible impact in the lives of your clients and customers. And like I said, over the years that I have worked with entrepreneurs, just like you to create these elevated conversion driven brands, I have seen just how purposeful and profitable brands can transform your life, the lives of your clients and your business’s bottom line. And doesn’t that sound amazing, like who doesn’t want to experience that? So today let’s quickly talk through how to discover whether your brand is as purposeful and profitable as it can be.

Now, when we are taking a look at whether our brands are positioning you as an expert, the reason why I like to talk about the outcomes, the kind of transformation that that kind of expert brand will give you is it’s not just enough to be viewed as an expert, right? Like that is that’s great. That’s flattering that, you know, like plays into our egos, but we want to be positioned as experts because we want to see the impact, right? We want to see the impact that we are having in the lives of our clients, because they’re finding us, they’re resonating with our work. They’re connecting with our services. They’re hiring us, we’re working with them and life is changing for the better. We also want to see the impact that the work that you love to do has on your life. We want you to feel fulfilled.

We want you to see crazy amounts of zeros in your big account. We want for all of that great stuff to happen. And I really do believe that that is what can happen. Some of the, uh, the many benefits that we can experience when we have brands that truly position us as experts. And as a result, you are going to be able to do the work that you love with clients. You adore all about generating and can that aligns with your goals. And that’s amazing. And I’m coming from a place of experience here, working with my clients over the years. These are success stories that I have seen happen time and time again, where I have worked with clients to take their brands from blending and feeling outdated, not reflecting their level of expertise to crafting elevated brands that consistently connect with their ideal clients so that they are generating massive amounts of profit each month.

I mean, to the tune of like 50 plus thousand dollars a month. And more than that, they’re able to transform the way that their businesses fit into their lives. When, when you have a business that allows you to charge premium rates, especially let’s say you are in the wedding or event space, you don’t have to be working an event every weekend. You don’t need to be logging those long hours every single weekend during the wedding or event season, right? You get to her reclaim your time. Same thing goes for my coaches out there, or my educators. When you are able to captivate your ideal clients through the incredible work that you do, because your brand is doing that heavy lifting for you. You can take on fewer clients, you can expand into new areas of growth. You can offer new services. You can kind of, you know, you can have that freedom because you aren’t having to trade your time for dollars.

And I get really excited about that. If you are a designer who’s tuning in, you know, you and you’ve been following along for a while, you know that I get really excited about this idea of how our time is not correlated directly to the amount of money that we can generate. I especially teach this to designers in my free training for designers, as well as my program for graphic brand and web designers, the brand strategy school, but all that to say, when we focus on creating this kind of brand that does this heavy lifting for you, it is transformative to be sure, but it’s not quite as easy as just snapping your fingers and willing it into existence, right? Like it takes intention. It takes strategy. It takes implementation, careful consideration and planning in order to create or elevate an existing brand to this level.

By with that being said, I don’t want for this to be something that feels like a mystery, or you feel like you have to just throw spaghetti at the wall, just to see what sticks. If you’re wanting to step into this level of growth, this level of being perceived as an expert, and you want to make sure that your brand is firing on all the right cylinders to set you up for this kind of success. I actually created a free resource for you that it’s going to show you exactly what next steps you need to take based on your current season of business in order to create your most purposeful and profitable brand yet, right? I want you to have all the clarity you need to make this happen, which is why I am so, so thrilled to share that I’ve actually created a fun, totally free quiz.

Think Cosmo style to outline the current bottlenecks that are keeping you from experiencing this unparalleled level of growth in your brand and what you can do to bypass them altogether. So pulling from my own work with my own clients over the past nine plus years, and building on my signature framework for creating strategic profitable brands, this quiz serves as essentially a self-assessment to show you just how your current brand is measuring up and what actions will continue to propel you towards your definition of success. So, Brent, if you are ready to raise your rates, captivate your dream clients, and stand out as the expert that you are, this quiz is just for you, my friend, it’s exactly what you have been looking for. So as always, if you go to brand strategy, podcast.com, if you find today’s show notes, the link will be there. But if you are just ready to go and take this quiz, and it is like five questions, it is so quick and gives you such laser focused insights. You can go to B is for Bonnie design.com/expert-brand-quiz. So that’s speeds. Rabbani design.com/expert brand quiz separated by dashes. Now, friend, I am so excited for you to take this. I’m excited for you to gain that clarity. And I am really excited to see you step into that, that higher level, that next season, I’ve incredible growth because it’s not just about how that brand will transform your life, but it’s about the impact that that brand will have on your incredible ideal clients. So as always, I am cheering you on from Waco, my sweet friends.

Thank you so much for joining me today. Friends, before you go, I would be so grateful to receive your feedback on the brand strategy podcast. If you enjoyed this episode or the podcast in general has helped you grow your brand and really appreciate it. If you left us a review in iTunes, you were positive reviews enable the brand strategy podcast to continue to grow and reach like-minded creatives. Just like you. Plus, I’ll be randomly selecting a handful of lucky reviewers each month to receive a little, thank you, surprise for me in the mail. Thank you for all your support and encouragement as together. We pursue building brands with purpose and intention until next time and cheering you on from Waco.

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