My name is Bonnie (she/hers) – I’m a brand designer, strategist, and writer which all adds up to one eclectic conglomeration of qualities that enables me to serve you well! Past clients have dubbed me "the Joanna Gaines of brand design," and I've had more than a few call me a dream maker, a game changer, and a design wizard (my Harry Potter-loving heart didn't hate that one, let me tell you!). At the end of the day, I'm the gal who will get teary eyed as you share the heart, inspiration and big dreams behind your business; who will work tirelessly to find the perfect font pairings and color selections to bring your brand to life visually; and who will empower, encourage and equip you to share your work with the world intentionally. 

When I'm not designing my heart out in Adobe Illustrator or crafting strategies that rake in six and seven figures for my sweet clients, you can find me soaking up a quiet evening at home with a glass of red wine (the drier the better) in hand beside my handsome husband of nine years. Together, we live in beautiful Waco, Texas with two of the most rambunctious golden retriever pups you'll ever meet. I have a weakness for a good shade of blush, oat milk lattes and Tex-Mex, preferably not together. I cherish heartfelt conversations and I can't wait to share a few with you, friend!

Because I believe your story is designed to endure.

hello, friend!

as seen in

although I love to nerd out over a
good biz book, psychological thrillers
are my favorites!

a good book

with this dapper gent
by my side

traveling the globe

snuggling my sweet goldens
Boone and Quinn 

work day PUP breaks

curing my black thumb
one house plant at a time

my plant babies

a few of my favorite things

get to know me

you think everyday is a good excuse 
to pop open a bottle of your
favorite dry red


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you can eat an entire basket of chips & salsa
(and don't forget the guac!) because tex-mex is your love language


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you believe that your ticket
to experiencing real-life magic is travel


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you're dreaming of building a life
more rich & wholehearted than your brand


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you're choosing to take brave action
to grow the business of your dreams


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heartfelt brands launched
pencil sketches per logo concept
times i've cried while reading my clients' brand stories
average hours before my clients book an ideal client after their brand launch
snuggle breaks with boone + Quinn every workday

i believe in...

at the core of my work

big dreams and brave action
wholehearted living
pursuing your purpose
brands that reflect the heart of your life's work
celebrating all wins, both big and small
giving grace freely
chasing after joy
loving others (and yourself!) fiercely
choosing done over perfect any day