My name is Bonnie – I’m a brand designer, strategist, writer, wife and pet parent to the most rambunctious golden retriever this side of the Mason-Dixon. I'm blessed to share life with my college sweetheart, and together, we're wholeheartedly pursuing a life filled with more joy and adventure in our renovated 1940's bungalow in Waco, Texas. I believe in giving others grace like it's going out of style, that handwritten thank you notes are always a good idea, and that loving people fiercely is what this little heart of mine was made for.

Because I believe your story is designed to endure.

I have a weakness for a good shade of blush, soy lattes and Tex-Mex, preferably not together. I cherish heartfelt conversations and I can't to share a few with you, friend!

I'm an eclectic conglomeration of qualities - writer, designer, and strategist - that all add up to one big-hearted creative who will get teary-eyed as you share the heart behind your business; who will lose sleep over the perfect font pairings and color selections to bring your brand to life visually; and who will work tirelessly to empower, encourage and equip you to share your work with the world intentionally.

because his furry presence is worth 
being covered in dog fur

snuggles with our monstrous golden

because tex-mex is my love language

eating chips & salsa for every meal

because each one stands for a side-splitting memory I'll never forget

making new laugh lines with my best friend

i mean, what else would i be drinking in the middle of a work week?

drinking bubbly on a tuesday night

 because every new adventure gives me a deeper appreciation for the vibrant world around me


A few of my favorites

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