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Haydee Duarte, the creative visionary behind Blush & White, joined our first ever Illume Retreat back in 2015. As one of our attendees, it was clear to see that Haydee’s big heart, eye for detail, and dedication to celebrating what matters most in life was a driving force in the way she engaged with her brides and grooms. Over the years, Haydee evolved her original business into what Blush & White is today — a boutique design house specializing in intimate elopements and celebrations for the destination-inspired couple.

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I am thrilled to introduce you to Blush & White Design House — a bespoke event and design house based in Miami, Florida. This romantic, ethereal project was one of my favorites to date, with all sorts of rich details like copper foil, custom calligraphy, and more!

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client goals

Blush and White Design House

•Craft an elevated visual identity packed with purposeful, heartfelt aesthetic details
•Woo Haydee’s high end, ideal clients through her distinct approach to design and planning
•Position Haydee as the go-to wedding and event planner serving intimate celebrations and elopements in Miami and abroad. 

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“I booked an ideal client ONE DAY after launching! I can't blame that on coincidence.” - Hannah S.