all it takes is grace, gumption, and a willingness to do the work

I believe that your business can be as purposeful as it is profitable

At the venerable age of 21, I took the leap and launched an online graphic design business. Just two months away from my college graduation and with zero business classes under my belt, I took a chance on the whisper of a dream that I believed could turn into something more. Typing furiously away on the same laptop I used to take notes during my college lectures, I steadily built a six-figure business that enabled me to bypass the traditional rhythm of graduate-then-land-a-9-to-5 and instead, have been joyfully building a life that I love ever since. 

But it wasn't always easy and it certainly didn't happen overnight. I've walked through seasons of uncertainty, more trial and error than I can count, and my fair share of failure. But each bump in the road turned into a learning opportunity for me to build a series of strategies, systems, and approaches that are worth their weight in gold. 

And I want to share them with you, friend! I believe that you can build a business that blesses your life because I've walked that journey myself. I believe that you can build an authentic business that enables you to chase after your dreams wholeheartedly, and I'm here to offer to actionable education, strategy, and accountability to make that happen. 

I believe that your story, and your dreams, are worthy and valuable. And, above all, I want to see you succeed! In the resources below, I've compiled strategies, systems, and offerings that have enabled me to build two successful businesses and pursue a creative journey that brings fulfillment and joy. 

I'm in the trenches of this whole crazy entrepreneurship thing right beside you, friend, cheering you on every step of the way!

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