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strategic, actionable tools

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You're a talented brand designer who is ready to take your strategy process to heartfelt new heights.  

Surface-level answers from your branding clients or a design process that only goes skin deep just won't cut it anymore!

Your design skills are on point and you have the art of building beautiful brands down to a science.

But it’s time to elevate your brand strategy approach through actionable, accessible tools that will instantly up-level the results you deliver for your clients! 

i see you, friend!

heck yes, i want this!

I’m peeling back the curtain on my signature brand development process I’ve used to transform my business from blending in and barely making it to thriving and crafting heartfelt brands that authentically convert for my clients!

This content teaches you my one-of-a-kind brand development process for you to immediately implement with your own clients, and just how to position yourself as the branding expert you are.

I’m spilling the beans on part of my signature brand strategy approach I've used to transform the brands I build for my clients. 

This bundle gives you my best guides and go-to resources to up-level your process as a designer as you implement tried and true brand strategy tools that deliver results time and time again. 

introducing the brand strategy bundle

a page straight out of my signature strategy process
to elevate your design business and deliver unmatched results for your clients

Because brands that only go skin deep just won't cut it anymore, friend. It's time to craft purposeful, profitable brands that are built on clear strategy and tons of heart!

the brand strategy bundle

this content-packed bundle features my go-to guides to elevate your brand strategy approach and begin delivering results for your clients today!

you'll walk away with...

•Actionable guides designed to transform the results you deliver for your clients as you walk them through strategic prompts and resources to building a purposeful, profitable brand.

•The tools to guide your clients through ideal client homework, empower them to dig deeper into the voice and messaging behind their brand, and equip yourself to deliver more strategic results for your clients along the way!

•The know-how to instantly up-level your process as a designer as you implement tried and true brand strategy resources that cut through the surface and get to the very heart of your clients' brand.

•A deeper sense of brand strategy within your own business as you walk yourself through these guides and reap the benefits of a well-defined ideal client profile, clear brand message, and cohesive brand voice. 

Yes, I need this bundle!

the brand strategy bundle includes...

Swipe file to my signature Ideal Client Workbook

Video training designed to walk you through each guide  + teach you how to walk your clients through this content

Swipe file to my Brand Messaging Guide

Swipe file to my Brand Voice Guide

My Master Resource Guide packed with my go-to printers, suppliers, tools, and products I use daily!

PDF of my Copywriting Formulas cheatsheet

Bonus progress checklist to help you navigate this content purposefully

Lifetime access to all content and any future updates

Strategy to instantly up-level your approach and transform the results you deliver for your clients!

The Brand Strategy Bundle is a page straight out of my signature brand strategy process that enables me to create brands that go deeper than the surface for my own clients. This digital bundle is for you whether you're just getting started as a designer and you're ready to create a branding approach that delivers results, or you're a seasoned pro looking to incorporate more strategy work into your process.

what's the investment?

This bundle is exactly what I need, bonnie!

digital copies of:
My signature ideal client workbook (valued at $1,299)
My brand messaging guide (valued at $899)
my brand voice guide (valued at $599)
My copywriting formulas cheatsheet (valued at $650)
My Master resource guide (valued at $999)

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when you purchase the brand strategy bundle, you'll receive...


this if for you if...

•You want to build brands that are founded on strategy, not just pretty visuals.

•You want to guide your dream clients through an intentional process that delivers tailor-made results.

•You want to position yourself as an expert.

•You want to build brands that resonate with your clients' ideal client.

•You want to equip your clients through a clearly-defined brand message and voice.

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check out the brand strategy school!

are you ready to up-level your brand strategy approach in order to hit consistent 10k months? check out the brand strategy school, the proven method you need to make this happen!

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the brand strategy bundle vs. the brand strategy school

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Brand Strategy Bundle






My signature 3-part brand strategy method to supercharge your process

My 4-part roadmap to hit your first (or next) $10k month

12+ videos to guide you through each module

Monthly Live Q&A calls... And so much more!


Brand Strategy School

All the digital guides inside the BSB Plus...

My signature 3-part brand strategy method to supercharge your process

my 4-part roadmap to hit your first (or next) $10k month

12+ videos to guide you through each module

Monthly Live Q&A calls in our private group for added accountability

Tools you need to guide your clients through this process like a pro
(valued at $897)

Strategy to leverage this process to market yourself differently
(valued at $997) 

access to our private facebook community

goodness, let me introduce myself!

Hi, friend! I'm Bonnie, brand strategist and designer for creative entrepreneurs, an international speaker, and a mentor for designers just like you. With little more than an old laptop and a tenacious dream, I started my design business during my senior year of college.

Since then, I've crafted brands that rake in $50k per month, and I've built visuals that book ideal clients within 24 hours of launching. I've guided hundreds of women through my signature brand development process to design brands that are made to endure as they operate on a strong, strategy-backed foundation. But more than that, I've been humbled every day to partner with my clients to craft elevated visual identities that reflect the heart of their life's work. 

And I want to teach you what I know! I'm sharing a page straight out of my signature brand development process with you so that you can immediately begin to experience tangible results, friend.  

Are you ready to get to work?

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commonly asked questions

A1: Each guide mentioned will be delivered as a .pdf file instantly after purchase.

A3: Great question, friend! I've included a video inside your bundle that shares exactly how I guide my clients through this content, the order in which to walk them through everything, and the benefits you can expect as part of this process. 

Q2: Am I able to use these guides with my own clients?

Q4: Do you have a refund policy?

Q3: How should I walk my clients through these guides?

Q1: How is this content delivered?

A4: Due to the nature of this content, refunds are not offered. If you have questions about whether this bundle is right for you, please get in touch at and we'll be happy to help!

A2: Absolutely! This content is literally a page straight out of my own brand strategy process that I guide clients through, and I've created this bundle so you can experience the same kinds of results with your own clients. You're welcome to utilize the prompts, questions, and resources shared inside each guide as part of your own client process.