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After years with a brand she'd outgrown, Brianne knew it was time to elevate her brand, website, and overall visual identity so she could wow her ideal clients with a brand that looked, felt, and sounded like HER! We wanted to be able to invite her potential clients into a polished, warm online experience. So I stepped in to not only build a custom brand that reflects the heart of the BHP brand, but to also design a robust Showit 5 website enables her to dazzle potential clients with her brand's online home.

strategy behind the design

A fine art engagement and wedding photographer based in beautiful Colorado, Brianne envisioned an organic, timeless brand that invited her couples into a thoughtful experience.

From her custom brand identity to her custom Showit 5 website, we wove so much heart (and style) into every asset. Keep reading for more juicy details!

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client goals

Brianne Haagenson Photography

•Elevate the BHP brand to reflect Brianne's experience, personality, and unique approach to engagement and wedding photography 
•Empower Brianne to book clients at a higher price point
•Craft a visual identity and strategic presence that gives Brianne room to grow, leaving her with a brand that will serve her well for years to come!

"Working with Bonnie is the best thing I've done for my business and I'd do it 100 times over if I could!"

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