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Cori reached out to me to create a new visual presence and refined strategy to represent her established business. As she’s grown as a designer and creative, and as she’s entered into the sweet season of motherhood, Cori wanted to convey this immense growth and intentionality throughout every facet of her visual brand and strategy. Together, we put our heads together to create a refined, heartfelt, luxe and warm identity that invites Cori’s brides and grooms into a truly one-of-a-kind floral design experience.

Cori is a luxury floral designer serving Denver and Northeastern Colorado. Specializing in bespoke designs for weddings and luxe celebrations, her work is nothing short of breathtaking!

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“Within two days of my branding and website launch, I was contacted and booked by a high-profile client. Within another month, I booked one of the biggest weddings of my career and it was the easiest booking I’ve ever been a part of... My investment into working with Bonnie paid off literally within days of launching!”

client goals

Cori Cook Floral Design

•Qualify the leads Cori generated through her website
•Attract high end clients that resonated with her luxury approach to floral design
•Empower Cori to take on fewer weddings at higher price points (enabling her to work less and spend more time with her family!)

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"My investment into working with Bonnie paid off literally within days of launching!"

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