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When Emily first reached out, she had big goals of launching a brand that reflected her signature style, spoke to her ideal clients, and allowed her to position herself as a must-have floral designer in her area. With her old brand, she was starting to see inquiries from ideal clients with higher budgets trickle in. But we needed to turn up the “wow factor” on her visual identity in order to make that trickle of ideal inquiries a steady stream.

strategy behind the design

A massively talented wedding and event floral designer based in the San Francisco Bay Area, Emily of Flower Girl Em is a creative force like none other. Her heart for crafting organic, wild arrangements that reflect the heart of her couples’ stories, paired with her true talent as a floral artist, come together to present bouquets and installations that set the tone for any event. Which is why I knew we needed to build a custom brand that positioned her as the go-to expert for her ideal clients in a way that honors her signature style.

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“I have been booking some of my largest events ever this year and I honestly attribute that to this branding project + the confidence that came with it! Working with you was seriously the best decision I’ve ever made for this business.”

client goals

Flower Girl Em

•Leverage new visual identity to position Emily as an expert floral design
•Increase quality of inquiries through an intentional brand strategy
•Elevate the FGE brand to reflect Emily’s signature style

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"Working with you was seriously the best decision I’ve ever made for this business.”

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