the heartfelt brand society

an intimate group coaching experience designed to

elevate your brand strategy, woo your ideal clients, and transform your bottom line

You're an established creative entrepreneur who's ready to take things to the next level. Your current strategies are working, sure, but you know things could be better.

You’re a multi-passionate boss with big dreams on the horizon. But you are searching for the confidence to dive bravely into what's next (and do it well!). 

On top of that, you're longing for the tools you need to bring your dreams to life. 

But you're just missing the resources, strategy, and clarity to get your business in front of your dreamy ideal clients.
That's where I come in, friend. Let's take things from Dreaming to Doing with confidence, clarity, and the strategy you need to position your brand as the only solution for your ideal clients' needs. 

I see you, friend!

Heck yes, show me the application!

let me guess...

You've taken the courses, watched the webinars, and even attended a workshop or two! But you're still not quite sure what's next as you begin to take your work to new heights.

Let me introduce you to the blueprint you've been missing, friend! The Heartfelt Brand Society is a 6-month group coaching program designed to equip you with the tools, accountability, and (you guessed it!) strategies you need to leverage your brand to bring your dreams to life. 

this if for you if...

You're an established entrepreneur who is ready to introduce an irresistible offer to your ideal clients with confidence and clarity
You're  looking to take your brand strategy to the next level 
You're ready to experience a deeper sense of passion (and profit!) as you do more of what you love with purpose
You're tired of feeling like you only partially understand how to leverage your most heartfelt brand to connect with your ideal client and hit your goals
You're ready to experience the benefits that come from knowing your ideal client intimately as you offer products and services that they can’t resist
You're ready to nail down your brand message as you craft words that actually convert!
You're excited to refine the core of your brand in order to leverage that to build a business that’s as purposeful as it is profitable
You're ready to get your marketing out of the friend zone as you trade marginally effective strategies for content that connects and converts consistently
Your heart is thrilled at the prospect of walking alongside a community of likeminded women who will cheer you on as you break through what holds you back!

the heartfelt brand society experience

this 6-month mastermind + group coaching program features monthly group coaching calls,  live trainings every other week, actionable downloads and worksheets, and more!

after this 6-month program, you'll walk away with...

An actionable level of brand clarity to propel you, and your brand, on to heartfelt new heights
A new-found sense of confidence in your brand, your offerings, and how you can woo your ideal clients by simply staying true to who you are
Laser-focused insight into the core of your brand, AND the know-how to translate that heart into a message that inspires lasting connecting with your ideal clients
The roadmap to marry your multi-passionate endeavors under one cohesive, polished brand 
An intimate understanding of your ideal client’s pain points, values, and psychographics that enable you to craft offerings they’ll find irresistible 
The tools to create an elevated client experience that turns clients into lifelong brand cheerleaders
The know-how to market yourself in a way that leans into your differentiators practically so you spend more time standing out and less time blending into the crowd online!
A playbook of tried and true copywriting formulas to take the headache out of writing your offer (no professional copywriter required!)
The strategy to writing sales and service pages that convert authentically 
My own launch strategies for getting your offerings in front of your ideal clients with gusto
And so much more!

take me to the application!

access to the heartfelt brand society includes...

Initial 60-minute 1:1 goal setting call with Bonnie

Monthly 60-minute group coaching calls with Bonnie (and access to the recordings for easy replays!)

Live trainings in our private Facebook community every other week

Downloadable guides, resources, and worksheets designed to equip you to dig deep into our monthly topics

Dedicated accountability partner to empower you to hit your goals month after month

Access to the same strategies, tools, and resources I've used to build multiple 6-figure businesses straight from the heart

An exclusive Facebook community just for the Heartfelt Brand Society

Lifetime access to all HBS content, trainings, or resources

Monthly bonuses and sweet surprises to encourage you as you chase after your goals!

Dedicated weekly office hours with Bonnie via email for constant support and guidance

Access to the optional in-person HBS retreat in Waco, Texas from November 12-14 for just $500 (lodging and meals included!)

Support and access to my own inner circle of incredible team members and mentors

The Heartfelt Brand Society is an intentional 6-month mastermind + group coaching program designed to empower you as you take your business to heartfelt new heights through a deep sense of brand clarity, actionable strategy, and dependable accountability. This program if for you whether you’re just getting started as an entrepreneur and you know you want to do business differently from the start or you’re a seasoned pro looking to up-level your business as you tenaciously chase after big, beautiful new goals.

what's the investment?

sounds like just what i've been looking for, bonnie!

6 months of group coaching (valued at $4,950)
Monthly 60 minute live calls as a group (valued at $3,600)
Intro 1:1 goal setting call with Bonnie (valued at $650)
access to the all-inclusive in-person HBS Retreat for $500 (savings of $2,500!) 
Regular Live trainings in the Facebook group (valued $3,900)
Downloadable guides, tools, and resources (valued $875)
Membership inside our private Heartfelt Brand Society Facebook community (priceless!)
Support from my own inner circle and team (priceless!) 

when you register for the heartfelt brand society, you'll receive:

THIS ENTIRE experience IS VALUED AT over $16,000 but you can gain access for just a fraction of that initial investment. Plus, payment plans are available!

registration for the Heartfelt Brand Society is currently closed. Join the waitlist below to be the first to know when doors reopen!

The Brand Strategy School course (valued at $5,500)
My signature brand development process swipe file (valued at $1,500)
Tools you need to guide your clients through this process like a pro (valued at $897)
Strategy to leverage this process to market yourself differently (valued at $997) 
my welcome guide template to the first five people who sign up (valued at $625)

when you register for the brand strategy school, you'll receive:


You don’t have to fine tune your existing brand discovery process or try to figure out what piece of the puzzle isn’t fitting. Instead, you can swipe my exact process from start to finish and immediately begin guiding your clients through a brand discovery approach that works.

join the waitlist

registration for the brand strategy school is currently closed. join the waitlist below to be the first to know when it reopens!

"[Before we started working together], all I saw was crickets! But this October I'm on track to my first 10K month! You have been such a great motivation for me, and I can't wait to apply the process I learned from you with my new clients!

- gigi
"I'm on track to my first 10K month!"
kind words
past Members

"This is truly the best investment you can make in your business. Bonnie's combination of heart, wisdom, and business savvy is unmatched. She is equal parts business consultant and therapist—helping you navigate decisions in a way that supports your business and your own personal well-being.

The Heartfelt Brand Society is worth every penny and more! Working with Bonnie allowed me to raise my prices and quickly earn back my investment (and then some!) before the program was even completed. I'm still on an exciting financial trajectory, thanks to Bonnie's insight!"

- sarah
"The Heartfelt Brand Society is worth its weight in gold!"

"[Since joining the Heartfelt Brand Society] we completely changed our business, re-branded, and launched a new website!

I'm not getting stuck or bogged down in the little details anymore. I'm able to make way more progress in our business than I ever have before. I feel more peace, less overwhelmed, and excited about our business for the first time in a long time. 

With Bonnie by my side, I know we can get through any curve balls." 

- kelsey
"I feel more peace, less overwhelm, and more excited about my business for the first time in a long time!"

"Within two days of my launch, I was contacted and booked by a high-profile client. Within another month, I booked one of the biggest weddings of my career and it was the easiest booking I’ve ever been a part of. I believe this has to do with the legitimacy that was created by my new brand and website. 

I would highly recommend Bonnie to anyone who wants to elevate their work and brand and who cares about thinking intentionally about the business and woman (or man) they want to be. It’s all connected in this process and Bonnie is the best person to walk you right through it!"

- cori

Which is why I'm thrilled to offer an optional in-person, all-inclusive Heartfelt Brand Society Retreat! From November 12-14, 2019, join me and a handful of your fellow HBS sisters in beautiful Waco, Texas for three days of deep diving strategy sessions, heartfelt late night chats, and a glass of wine (or two!). 

Your membership inside the Heartfelt Brand Society means you can claim your spot at this in-person retreat for a one-time payment of $500 which includes your lodging and all meals from November 12-14. If you want to join us around the table for this sweet time of community-building, actionable strategy, and heart-to-hearts in our PJs, be sure to mention you'd like to add on the in-person retreat during our 1:1 interest call.

pure magic happens when we gather around the table in person

i firmly  believe that

let me introduce myself, friend!

Hi, friend! I'm Bonnie, brand strategist and designer for creative entrepreneurs, an international speaker, and a mentor for creatives just like you. With little more than an old laptop and a tenacious dream, I started my design business during my senior year of college.

Since then, I've crafted brands that rake in $50k per month, and I've built visuals that book ideal clients within 24 hours of launching. I've launched my second business, the Illume Retreat, in 2014 that consistently sells out year after year. And I've built a multi-faceted brand for myself, and my clients, that surpasses 6-figures annually. But more than that, I've been humbled every day to teach women just like you how to build a business that's as purposeful as it is profitable in a way that trades directionless hustle for intentional strategy.

And I want to teach you everything I know! I'm peeling back the curtain on my best systems, strategies, and encouragements so you can reach your goals on your own terms.

Won't you join me as we do business differently?

girl, sign me up!