the brand story course

 learn to share your story authentically, connect with your ideal client organically, and create an online brand presence that's undeniably you.

In an industry saturated with pushy marketing tactics and campaigns that compete for our attention, your clients need a clear voice that will cut through all the noise and speak directly to them. Honing your brand story – the experiences, values and heart behind your brand – and weaving it throughout your online presence, enables you to do just that, friend! Your brand deserves a well-defined story that enables you to build relationships, establish trust, and infuse your messaging with unmistakeable personality. Not to mention, it will transform the way you approach selling your work entirely!

Over the years, I’ve worked diligently to weave my brand story throughout my online presence. As a result, I’ve built lifelong relationships with my audience, shared heartfelt connection with followers over common values and experiences, and established a level of transparency that allows my audience to get to know the face behind the brand. And I truly believe this approach of brand storytelling has given me the freedom to share authentically, and ultimately create something so much more than a business!

so who is this for?

At the end of these self-paced course modules, not only will you walk away with a clearly defined brand story, but you’ll also walk away with the confidence to share authentically online, the power to build intentional connections with your audience, and the ability to use your messaging to turn your passion into profit. The result? A strategy that leads to more bookings in a sustainable, organic way because it truly stems straight from the heart.

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-You’re tired of missing connections with your ideal clients online. You’re feeling burnt out with writing gimmicky sales pitches and know there has to be a better way. 

- You’re exhausted from shouting into the void, screaming at the top of your lungs to be louder than the boss lady next to you. 

- You know there’s heart and drive behind your work, but you feel that’s getting lost in translation. 

boss lady

this is for you if...

the juicy details

Well, there is! Let's connect with your people straight from the heart through relational messaging. 
Instead, let's speak clearly and confidently directly to those who need your story the most.
Together, let's define a personable, authentic story that resonates with your ideal client and portrays your brand at its best. 

From your About page to your Instagram posts, let’s ditch the desperate sales pitch and craft a heartfelt narrative that your audience will adore. Over the span of 5 weeks, we’ll walk through my signature brand story development process as we hone your voice, identify your brand’s core values and craft your messaging. We’ll cover everything from identifying your ideal audience, to honing your brand identity and translating that into your messaging, to navigating which online platforms to use to best connect with your people. Because at the end of the day, I want you to be able to share your incredible brand story confidently, authentically and straight from the heart.

what we'll cover

the approach

Harnessing the Power of Authentic Storytelling

week one

what's next?

Honing Your Identity

week two

what's next?

Identifying Your Audience

week three

what's next?

Crafting Your Messaging

week four

what's next?

Using Online Platforms with Intention

Week Five

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- 5 weeks of videos for self-paced learning

- Worksheets and downloadable homework designed to help you dig deeper into each week’s content

- A private Facebook group for added community and accountability with weekly discussions

- Weekly check-ins sent straight to your inbox

- Unlimited email support with Bonnie directly

- Lifetime access to all course material (and any future updates!)

- Bonus downloads galore

the scoop

what's included

see what students are saying!

“I have never been able to portray the mushy gushy, lovey dovey feelings behind anything I do, even though I feel these feelings so deeply. When pen goes to paper, or fingers frantically type at the keyboard, my mind always goes blank. This course has allowed me to dive deep into WHY I do what I do... and WHY I love doing it so much. [Bonnie] helped transform my brand story into something I could never have imagined. 
Friends, this is more than just crafting your brand story, it will TRULY transform how you show your business (and subsequently, your heart) to the world.”

amber nicole photography

"I knew I wanted to nail my brand story down, I just didn't know how or what questions I should be asking myself. Even after 6 years of business! This course went deep into my heart and pulled out exactly what I need to be sharing with my clients. It is far more than what you would get at a typical workshop! 
 The Brand Story Course totally changed the way I think about speaking to my clients."

elisabeth bean, elisabeth carol photography

“The Brand Story Course really forced me to dig deep and answer important questions about my business and the heart that encompasses my daily business practices...These resources are working documents that can be used during all stages of business and most of all, something that can be revised with growth and evolution of [your] business. I cannot wait to implement and continue to use Bonnie's teachings to create a more personal dialog with my clients and show the world that my business has a story to tell!” 

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the investment

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The Brand Story Course is designed to help any big dreamer, boss lady or gent, or creative entrepreneur who is ready to hone the heart of your brand, create a distinct voice, and curate purposeful messaging in a way that brings in organic bookings. I want this content to be accessible to creatives across the spectrum, regardless of whether you’re just getting started or you’re a seasoned pro, who are longing to transform the way your share your business (and heart!) to the world. The total value of this course retails at over $1,750, but you can get started today for one payment of $250! 

This approach isn’t for the faint of heart, lovely. It requires a dedication to doing the work, to digging deep, and to committing to discovering the worthwhile answers that may be just below the surface. If you know that you have a story that’s begging to be told, then join me for this 5-week, self-paced course as we dig deep into the best messaging to represent your brand with heart!


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