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Kailee initially reached out with an interest in creating a refined, modern brand and website to reflect her level of expertise and position her to transition into group work. Previously, she was taking on several 1:1 clients; with that business model, she felt that her ability to serve women with her gifts was limited by her then-current brand. Kailee wanted to be able to invite her potential clients into a polished, warm online experience that painted a clear picture of the personal growth and clarity they could experience with her.

strategy behind the design

Kailee is a multidimensional healer and spiritual teacher for women based in the Alberta, Canada. Through her group programs and events, she not only serves women in her local area, but takes on clients worldwide. From her custom brand identity with a nod to the mystic to her custom Squarespace website, we wove so much personality into every asset to help Kailee expertly transition from a brand that she’d outgrown to one that gave her the space to invite her clients into a transformative healing journey.

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"This new brand honors my journey. And this rebrand is more than a fancy new website and divine logo... I’m so grateful for all the women who have helped me bring these visions to life, especially you, Bonnie."⠀

client goals

Kailee Smith Feminine Healing

•Position Kailee as a go-to teacher her ideal clients were searching for
•Create a brand that reflects the transformational experience of Kailee's work
•Elevate the KS brand to enable Kailee to scale with intention while protecting her time & energy

"This new brand honors my journey!"

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