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Amanda reached out with an interest in creating a beautiful, user-friendly blog to house her ever-growing arsenal of seasonally inspired recipes. While balancing a demanding full-time career, she wanted to be able to invite readers into a polished, warm online experience that didn't take her time away from what matters most in her life. That's where I stepped in to not only build a custom brand that reflects the heart of Seasonally Jane, but to also design a robust Showit 5 website that will serve her well for years to come. 

strategy behind the design

Amanda is the creative force and seasonal eating expert behind the Seasonally Jane blog. From seasonal recipes to approachable (yet elevated) at-home recipes, the Seasonally Jane blog is your go-to resource for creating memorable meals that you and your loved ones will relish. Whether you shop at your local Whole Foods or grab produce at the farmers market, Amanda's recipes will have you filling up your cart with what's in season time and time again!

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client goals

Seasonally Jane

•Grow the Seasonally Jane readership through an engaging, memorable blog experience that keeps visitors diving deeper and deeper into the archives
•Create a brand that gets people excited about cooking with seasonal ingredients
•Establish the Seasonally Jane brand as a contender in the seasonal food blogging community, and position Amanda to connect with blog sponsors in the near future

"Working with you was seriously the best decision I’ve ever made for this business.”

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