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Corinne reached out last year with an interest in creating an elevated, modern brand to reflect her level of expertise and the unbeatable experience she provides to every client she takes on. After a few years with a brand that was no longer serving her well, she wanted to be able to invite her potential clients into a polished, warm online experience.

That’s where I stepped in to not only build a custom brand that reflects the heart of the SG brand, but to also design a custom investment guide and welcome magazine that surprise and delight her leads and new clients at every turn.

strategy behind the design

When Corinne reached out and shared her initial goals for her rebrand, I knew we were going to put our heads together to create an inviting, polished, and subtly Southern brand that would elevate the SG brand and help Corinne intentionally connect with her ideal couples on repeat.

Social Graces Dallas

  • Positioning the SG brand as a go-to wedding planner in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area
  • Creating a brand that reflects the one-of-a-kind SG experience that prioritizes client experience, relationships, and memories that will last a lifetime. 
  • Establishing the SG brand in a way that empowers Corinne to charge more for her services, serve her clients at a higher level, and take on fewer weddings without compromising on profit. 

client goals

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“I feel like I finally have a polished look that communicates sweet romance while looking professional! This brand captures who I am and what I want to be all at once.”  

"This brand captures who I am and what I want to be all at once!"

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