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Ellen reached out to me earlier this year to go through not only a full visual update, but also to really refine the strategy behind her brand. At the time, she was blogging under a totally different name, but knew her blog wasn’t resonating with her ideal readers in the way she wanted it to. Ellen is someone who takes the idea of sustainability and approaches it in a way that doesn’t feel elitist, overwhelming or like it’s a part-time job on top of your already busy schedule.

strategy behind the design

Ellen is the creative force and sustainable lifestyle guru behind The Intentional Hippie. If you’re someone who has dreamed of living a more sustainable lifestyle, but you feel overwhelmed and don’t know where to start The Intentional Hippie is your one-stop shop for all things sustainability. From green living tips, to easy and affordable swaps, to prioritizing how to make your household carbon footprint a bit kinder to the earth, Ellen breaks down this lifestyle change in a way that makes it so easy to take action.

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“Massive thanks to Bonnie for creating the brand identity of my dreams. She took my idea for creating a one-stop shop for creating a simple, sustainable, and intentional life and created this beautiful brand that I’ve been dying to show you all. She hit right at the heart of everything I believe in: practical, dependable tips, quality over quantity, and simple intentionality.”

client goals

The Intentional Hippie

•Create an identity that didn’t feel like your traditional green-living blog, but rather something that resonated with the modern woman
•Introduce a more elevated, joyful and refined approach

"Massive thanks to Bonnie for creating the brand identity of my dreams."

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