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Tracey reached out with an interest in creating a beautiful, user-friendly brand and website to reflect her level of expertise and to give her the space to position herself as an educator in the creative industry. After years with a brand she'd outgrown, she wanted to be able to invite her potential clients into a polished, warm online experience. That's where I stepped in to not only build a custom brand that reflects the heart of the TJP brand, but to also design a robust Showit 5 website that will serve her, and her clients, well for years to come. 

strategy behind the design

Tracey is a talented Edmonton, Alberta brand photographer, educator, and mobile preset extraordinaire. When Tracey reached out and initially shared her vision for a brand that felt like a Palm Springs girls' trip, I knew we were going to create pure magic together! 

From her custom brand identity to her custom Showit 5 website, we wove so much personality into every asset. Keep reading for more juicy details!

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client goals

Tracey Jazmin Photography

•Position the TJP brand as a go-to educator in the Edmonton-area serving women entrepreneurs through branding photo sessions, education, and mobile presets 
•Create a brand that reflects the TJP mission and warm personality
•Establish the TJP brand in a way that empowers Tracey to charge more for her services, step into her role as an educator, and serve more entrepreneurs through her work.

"My business is now represented in a way that showcases what makes me different, it's supports my pricing, and has already brought me new clients within the first two days of it's launch!"

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