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Nicole reached out with an interest in creating an elevated, modern brand and website to reflect her level of expertise and the unbeatable experience she provides to every client she takes on. 

After years with a brand that was no longer reflecting her level of experience or positioning her to command high-end rates, she wanted to be able to invite her potential clients into a polished, elevated online experience. That’s where I stepped in to not only build a custom brand that reflects the heart of the VE brand, but to also design a gorgeous Showit 5 website complete with done-for-you copywriting!

strategy behind the design

Nicole and her team are expert wedding and event planners specializing in local and destination events. With decades of experience curating thoughtful corporate events and memorable wedding weekends, Nicole was such a dream to work with!

Vision Events

  • Positioning the VE brand as the go-to wedding planner in the Raleigh area.
  • Positioning the VE brand as a trusted expert for destination weddings in the Caribbean and elsewhere abroad.
  • Creating a brand that reflects the one-of-a-kind VE experience that prioritizes client experience, relationships, and memories that will last a lifetime. 
  • Establishing the VE brand in a way that empowers Nicole to charge more for her services while serving her clients at a higher level.

client goals

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"Your design work is beautiful and you absolutely nailed it! We LOVE it!"

" absolutely nailed it!"

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