In order to take your business to heartfelt new heights, you do not have to do more, work harder or be more. Instead, by refining your approach, streamlining your branding, and curating a set of heartfelt client offerings, you can create your most authentic business yet. Together, we’ll walk side-by-side as we dig deep into the wonderful heart of your business, strategize for the present, plan for the future, and empower you to build the business of your dreams.

Branding mentorships are designed to create an on-going relationship where we can truly invest in your life and business. This approach isn’t about formulas or quick fixes that have nothing to do with your unique brand or client offerings. Instead, we’ll create a truly one-of-a-kind set of action plans designed to help you reach the right goals in a timely fashion. I’ll be walking alongside you, providing dependable accountability, and cheering you on to success. My goal is to help you succeed in growing a more heartfelt brand, authentic business and joyful approach to balancing work and life! So let’s put our heads together to help you enter into a new season of life, and business, filled with authentic strategy and your most heartfelt work.

your story is worth sharing & worth sharing beautifully

who is this for?

for self-paced learning

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Instagram with Authenticity
grow your following intentionally
the brand story course
reach your ideal client through clear messaging

- Wants to infuse more heart, passion and intentional strategy into every touchpoint of her business

- Wonders how to bring her mission to life through every facet of her branding

- Craves consistency through her visual branding, social media presence and marketing efforts

- Longs to connect with her ideal client, but doesn’t know where to begin

- Desires to create heartfelt marketing that is a sure-fire strategy filled with purpose, not a shot in the dark

- Yearns to charge her worth confidently and consistently

- Feels the strain that living in constant overwhelm takes on her business and personal life, and wants to break that cycle

- Seeks an approach to her products and services that provide her clients with true, lasting value

- Is ready to strip away all the unnecessary excess and fluff in an effort to get to the core of her most heartfelt work, her most authentic brand, and her most sustainable success!

this is for the boss lady who...

what we'll cover

- 60-minute video call via Skype or Google Hangouts each month for maximum learning, introspection, and growth

- Tailor-made online homework created to help you dig deep into your specific goals before each call

- Custom action plans created after every call recapping our biggest talking points and providing suggested steps for further growth

-Bi-weekly accountability calls via phone to assess your progress and offer ongoing guidance as you work towards your goals

- Weekly check-ins via our client management software to answer questions, share feedback, and provide dependable accountability 

- Unlimited email access so we can stay in contact and I can be most available to your to help as your work through your action steps each month

what's included?

mentoring begins at $825 monthly for a minimum of three months

in order to invest wholly in your business, i only accept two mentoring clients each month. keep scrolling to explore the curriculum and contact me today to take your business to heartfelt new heights!

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Sample topics can cover, but are not limited to:

- Defining the heart of your brand

- Honing in on your ideal audience

- Creating purposeful products or services

- Designing an intentional marketing strategy

- Streamlining your visual branding for maximum consistency

- Leveraging your brand to high-end audiences

- Curating a stand out client experience in a saturated market

our curriculum

our approach will be wholly custom and will be designed to cover the specific topics or areas you want to hone.

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