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attorney prepared contract templates to protect your business and position you like a pro from the start!

Do you ever find yourself hunting down late payments from clients? Ever have a client who asks for additional work that wasn't included in your original proposal? Come to think of it, is your website even legally covered through terms + conditions?!
Before you start to panic, the Contract Shop has you covered. My girl Christina Scalera, attorney for creatives and Illume Retreat alum, makes it easy for entrepreneurs to be legally covered without the hourly legal fees!

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Listen, I know that contract templates aren't exactly the sexiest thing to talk about. But let's be real for a minute... can you really afford to miss client payments? What happens if a client cancels on you? Heaven forbid, what would happen if an unhappy client wanted to take legal action against you?

These scenarios don't have to keep you up at night anymore. Christina and the team at the Contract Shop are making it easy for us all to rest at night knowing their attorney-prepared contract templates have us covered.

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