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From email to file sharing to document creation, my little team and I use G Suite’s hefty slew of tools every single day. From managing our inboxes in Gmail to sharing spreadsheets in Google Sheets to capturing my branding client’s content through shared Google Drive folders, I don’t know where I’d be without these apps! If you’re ready to streamline your professional apps and tools, then G Suite is just what you need, friend.

my business’s most used and loved tool…G Suite 


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My most-used G Suite tools


Google Drive

Google Sheets

Google Docs

Thanks to G Suite, I’m able to house everything from big idea braindumps to important internal files through one suite of apps. Instead of searching through all the files on my computer, I can access my most important folders from anywhere. Not to mention, I can easily share documents, spreadsheets, images, and more with my team even when we live thousands of miles apart! If you’re ready to truly make your life easier as you streamline your business app management, give G Suite a try below.

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