Why Your Business Should Be On Instagram

March 3, 2016


This post is for all my creative boss ladies who are still shying away from the top social media app of the past year (and foreseeable future!) – Instagram. You may be wondering how you can strategically use this as the selling tool so many others have, or you may be thinking that the reward doesn’t outweigh the initial time investment of curating a cohesive online presence. Let’s quell those fears, friend! Take a look at four of the biggest reasons you should be utilizing this little social app for your business, and how it can positively impact your brand.

Four reasons your business should be on Instagram | b is for bonnie design

It Fosters Community

Instagram is such a powerful tool for building new relationships, connecting with likeminded individuals, and being strategically social. At the heart of social media, shouldn’t we be focusing on mutually beneficial connections, after all? Through sharing heartfelt content to inviting your audience into the behind-the-scenes goodness that goes on in your day-to-day, there are endless opportunities to find camaraderie in your Instagram feed. Focus on sharing content that your audience can resonate with, and don’t be shy as you connect with fellow brands and creatives, too!

It Builds Brand Awareness

Putting your content on Instagram and using hashtags smartly makes your images searchable, not only to your local community, but globally. And, the more consistently you post, the more recognizable your brand and images will be to your followers. For example, before I started using Instagram for the b is for bonnie design brand, my audience was limited to the group of individuals who read my blog. Now, my audience has expanded to over 16,000 individuals from across the world, which has in turn grown my email list, blog following and client base. Although this little business of mine is far from being a household name, it’s more well-known in smaller circles thanks to my useage of social media.

It Gives You the Chance to be Creative

Instagram’s real-time format lends itself to trying new things, posting creative images, and having fun! Where else can you experiment with vibrant backdrops, use candy as props or throw in the occasional emoji? The images we share on Instagram give us the chance to try new things, to stretch ourselves creatively as we find innovative ways to convey our messages visually, and to engage our ideal audience. And the immediate responses we receive from those interacting with our posts give us candid feedback on both our images and captions, which is so valuable as we shape our Instagram strategy moving forward.

It Encourages Engagement

If the real-time feedback weren’t enough to get you on board, consider how valuable it is for your brand to be able to communicate directly with your audience. From introducing new services or products, to gaining honest input on new offerings or customizations, to hearing more of what your audience needs, the engagement component of this social app can’t be beat. Just as it fosters community, it also lays the foundation for a consistent level of audience engagement that helps you not only understand what your audience is thinking, but also what they need. But remember that engagement is a two-way street! Always share content that your audience can benefit from, and don’t forget to comment back when someone takes time out of their day to leave a comment in the first place.

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