How I create three months of content in 4 simple steps

March 19, 2019

Friends, one of the most common pain points I see so many of the incredible women inside my signature group coaching program—the Heartfelt Brand Society—or even my 1:1 mentoring students wrestle with the most is this idea of content creation.

We all know how important it is to have strong marketing content on our blogs and social media channels, but it can be hard in so many ways to fit time into an already busy schedule to create quality content.

On top of that, how are we supposed to make time for strategic blog posts and Instagram captions if we feel like we simply don’t have enough hours in a day?

The result is that we often times find ourselves creating content in a hurry and we aren’t able to provide our audience with quality content that strategically guides them to our most powerful services and products.

How I create three months of content in 4 simple steps. | b is for bonnie design #contentcreation #brandstrategy


There are a lot of different ways you can take content planning and really break it down in a way that works for you, but let me ask you something. When it comes to creating content, do you get stuck in this endless cycle of feeling the pressure to create, but feel uninspired to create good quality content? Only then to realize you have to create good content right now as you begin to panic in order to get it done on time?

This is a very unhappy space to be in as a business owner, and that lackluster feeling doesn’t help us create content that we’re proud of.

But friend, there’s good news. I too have felt this way when it came to content creation. So, I’ve found a solution that truly works for me to create strategic content in less time.

This content creation process is something that’s allowed me to create tons of high-quality content months in advance all while driving people strategically to timely offers, services, and my sales goals for that quarter.

It’s a process that doesn’t take me days on end to do either. Instead, I find that if I’m able to really focus on creating content for my blog and social media channels all on a quarterly basis, I’m able to plan with strategy and free up a lot of my active day-to-day time to do other things.

So today I’m going to walk you through four steps to my process to content planning on a quarterly basis.

Now, I want you to think of creating content for your business in terms of the different channels you’ll share it through. Do you need to create content for your blog? An email list? Instagram? Pinterest? Facebook?

Whatever platforms you’re leveraging, it’s important to understand how you can really take one idea for your content and allow that to permeate through all the platforms you utilize.

For example, I start by mapping out all of my blog content. From there, I break down that content into an Instagram caption. If it applies, I create an email to my list. We design alternate graphics to push that content out on Pinterest in as many ways as possible.

By doing this, I’m able to understand how all of my content lives on the Internet and how I can create content for all my social and marketing channels with as little work as possible.


My first tip for creating content on a quarterly basis is to first assess your goals.

When you’re figuring out how to create content that works for your schedule, I think it’s very important that you understand how that fits into you big picture goals.

If you’ve done any annual planning for your business, you probably know what big dreams you’re chasing after this year. And you might even understand how they break down on a quarterly level. If you haven’t taken a look at your goals and what it is you’re wanting to accomplish on a quarterly basis, I highly recommend making that happen first.

By understanding what you’re chasing after—what projects, launches or what your sales need to look like in order to hit your goals—you’ll understand how your content can really play a strong role in that.

Assess your goals—where do you want to go and how can your content get there?


My second step for you to create content on a quarterly basis is to put actual dates on your calendar!

Map out any launches or time sensitive things that need to be part of your content calendar and get that on the calendar.

Personally, my team and I love using just a simple Google Calendar for our editorial calendar so we can map out where everything is going.

So for me, that’s the blog, my podcast—the Brand Strategy Podcast—and my Instagram and Facebook Page.

As a part of our workflow for any blog content, we also always include a step for Pinterest so we can create powerful graphics that will drive people back to any given blog post. We usually create a handful of graphics for one post alone so we can maximize the reach of that content on our Pinterest.


My third recommendation for you to tackle content creation is to do this on a quarterly basis.

I think one of the ways people fall behind in their content calendars is because they are tackling it month by month or even day by day.

Now that might be an approach that works for some, but for me personally, it is much easier to tackle this on a quarterly basis.

It’s so easy to think you’ll get it done every month and then life happens. Client deadlines creep up, things get busy and as a result the thing we always push to the backburner and say we will do later is map out our content and our editorial calendars.

So my solution to that is to plan your content on a quarterly basis.

Every quarter, I have a standing date with myself where I sit down and map out all the themes for the upcoming quarter. Because I’ve assessed my goals and I understand my upcoming launches and any dates I need to be mindful of, I’m able to create content ideas for all my channels that will drive people to the actions I need them to take. Or educate them about a new opportunity to partner together so they can in their own time come to a decision on how we can best work together and how I can best serve them on their journey.

To make mapping content easier, sit down on a quarterly basis and assess what content you should be creating.


Then my fourth and final step to create content on a quarterly basis is to write it out.

After you’ve generated ideas for the upcoming quarter, what I like to do is think of them as themes. What themes will you be talking about on your blog, on your email list, Instagram, etc.? Writing out topics or themes for all these channels is going to help you understand the kind of content you need to create.

I would recommend mapping out a loose outline for each blog post. This does not need to be super in depth—unless that helps you write best—but for me I usually find that just having a few talking points can really direct my blog content as a whole.

So sit down and write it out!


As a bonus tip, if you love sharing content and educating your ideal client, but you struggle with writing I would recommend giving yourself a chance to try recording voice notes instead.

Can you turn your blog post into an audio series? Can you turn it into a YouTube channel? Can you turn it into even something where on your end you’re able to record the notes for your blog post like you’re talking to your ideal client as if you’re long lost best friends?

Externally process you content, then delegate that to a member of your team or a virtual assistant to transcribe those notes and turn them into beautifully fully-formulated blog posts.

There are a lot of different ways you can take content planning and really break it down in a way that works for you. But in my experience, mapping it out on a quarterly basis in four easy steps enables me to create strategic content that allows me to best serve my audience in a dependable and quality way.


If growing your design business on your own terms and through an intentional strategy is something you’re really excited to chase after, then I would encourage you to learn more about the ways you and I can work together to really take your brand and your business to heartfelt new heights.

I’m so passionate about empowering you to stop working more to earn more and instead start building a profitable design business through a proven brand strategy process.

I’m peeling back the curtain on my signature brand development process I’ve used to transform my business from blending in and barely making it to thriving and crafting heartfelt brands that authentically convert for my clients. All while having time to work ON my business and implement content creation on a quarterly basis.

If you’re a designer feeling overwhelmed with all the business to-dos on your plate alongside serving your clients well, then I’d love to chat with you.

I’m hosting a free Netflix-style training where you can learn how to 3x your income without taking on more branding clients.

You’ll get the inside scope and a chance to snag my formula for acing sales calls, my marketing strategy for booking high-end branding clients, and so much more.

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For Designers: How I create three months of content in 4 simple steps. | b is for bonnie design #contentcreation #brandstrategy

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