3 Ways to Use Your New Brand to Create Visual Consistency

January 18, 2022

Launching your new brand or website as a creative entrepreneur is such an exciting time! You’ve invested time, energy, and more than a few dollars into creating a beautiful brand presence with a designer. Now it’s time to get it out into the world, show it off, and use it to grow your business! But how can you use your new brand identity to create visual consistency, beyond your website or logo?

In the ten years that I’ve worked with photographers, wedding and event planners, floral designers, coaches, and creatives throughout the industry, I’ve seen how common it is for people to think that your brand only covers things like your logo, color palette, website, or print assets. But in reality, your brand covers every aspect of your digital footprint. So, after you launch, it’s important to take action and build on that post-launch momentum in order to get your brand in front of more people, create a deeper sense of brand awareness with your current audience, and, as a result, generate more sales.

Curious to hear a few of my very favorite ways to implement your new branding that won’t take you too much time (and that deliver a big impact!)? Then keep on reading, sweet friend!

How to Use Your New Brand Elements to Create Visual Consistency Online

Use your new color palette + font system to create cohesive social media graphics

Perhaps one of the easiest ways to utilize your new visual identity begins with what you share on social media. Having your designer create custom social media graphic templates can help you publish quality, on-brand content at any time. Alternatively, you can purchase pre-made templates from places like Etsy or Creative Market!

Be sure your designer tailors your templates to your unique color palette, fonts, and custom details like illustrations or icons. By utilizing these unique elements, you ensure that your templates will have a truly branded feel.

I love creating custom social media graphics for my clients to use long after our project wraps up! This helps me rest assured that they’re able to publish quality, memorable content online whenever they want.

Give your brand images + headshots a face lift

Although this isn’t as quick as updating the color palette on a Canva graphic, it is a truly powerful move! Working with a photographer to create custom images that reflect your brand helps position you as the pro you are.

Incorporate your color palette through your wardrobe, accessories, and the props you feature. Additionally, think about renting an AirBnb or a studio space that matches your brand’s vibe to really help set the tone for the shoot!

Whenever possible, I recommend that my clients coordinate a new brand photo shoot before their brand launches. This way, we’re able to use that sparkling new imagery throughout their custom website or other assets we’re creating! This is especially important when you’re striving to invite your clients into a high touch experience; ensuring that your images are on par and command that presence will go such a long way.

Update your digital client experience

Now here’s where most creatives start to overlook some branded touch point opportunities!

Your brand’s online presence includes so many areas. From email signatures to CRM templates, client worksheets to welcome guides—your visual brand presence covers so many little things! In each of these areas, you can use your new brand identity to create a stunning (and consistent) experience.

Little areas like your email signature are a great place to work in your logo, a new headshot avatar, or your color palette.

If you use a CRM like Honeybook or Dubsado, you’ll want to update your templates for things like invoices, contracts, emails, and worksheets.

And for my photographers and wedding professionals, don’t forget about updating your client proposals, welcome magazines, investment guides, or other assets you share with your clients!

I highly recommend working with your designer to create custom guides or magazines that truly match the look and feel of your elevated new brand as a whole, beyond simply incorporating your new color palette. Whether you’re designing these to be printed out and mailed to your clients, or you prefer to send over a digital copy via your website or as a .pdf attachment, these branded touch points help set you apart as the professional you are to your newly booked clients.

Ready to create more visual consistency throughout your brand, friend?

Sweet friend, if you’re ready to elevate your brand and use it to create more visual consistency throughout your brand’s online presence, then I’ve got you covered!

For 10+ years, I’ve specialized in crafting strategic visual brands that enable you to connect authentically with your ideal clients. And friend, it would be an absolute joy to help bring your brand to heartfelt new heights this year! Get in touch to schedule a free call, where we’ll chat through how we can elevate your brand with intention, enabling you to accomplish all your incredible goals.

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